Before undergoing any surgery, it is important to know a few crucial things about it; so that the patients are not confused and can take care of themselves in the best way. These important points of every surgical procedure, including adult circumcision surgery, will be discussed.

What is the Proper Procedure for Adult Circumcision Surgery?

The first thing that patients should know is the proper procedure of the surgery, including the techniques and tools involved in the process. The whole process involves removing the foreskin from the penis to reveal the tip.

Techniques Used for the Surgery

The surgeons mainly use two techniques for circumcision: the Dorsal silt and the Sleeve method.

Tools Available for Circumcision Surgery for Adults

The tools available for the surgery are plenty to choose from, like Gomco and Mogen clamp, Plastibell, Shang ring, Circumplast, Tara Klamp, SmartKlamp, and Ali’s Klamp. The blood loss and pain caused by using many devices will be minimal.

What Benefits do the Patients Get?

The next thing is the benefits that men willing to have the surgery should know. When this surgery was done on children, the medical benefits were unknown. But as medical science progressed, the following benefits of this surgical procedure were known.

  1.   A problem for uncircumcised men, the foreskin covers the whole penis, which makes cleaning difficult. This can cause infections and diseases mentioned in the below points.
  2.   STIs ad STDs are diseases and infections that spread because of unsafe sexual intercourse. They are bacteria, viruses, and germs that cause these problems.
  3.   When you visit various medical care centers to have information about the surgical procedure, the surgeons there might show phimosis before and after pictures to convince you to have the surgery. Another reason for having this surgery is that it can help with several penile conditions.
  4.   Not having good hygiene can also be one of the causes of developing cancerous cells. A circumcised person will be able to clean the penis and avoid the risk of developing cancerous cells.

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Reasons Why People Don’t Have Surgery

But some people are not willing to have the surgery despite the convincing advantages told by the surgeons at clinics, including Circumcision Center. When asked why they oppose the surgery, they give the following arguments.

  1.   There were no medicines strong enough to make the patient completely unconscious or ease the pain in the past. But today, pain medications and anesthesia are making even the most complicated surgery easy.
  2.   Bleeding is a normal and common after-surgery complication. Experiencing little bleeding is fine, but visiting the surgeon is recommended if there is excess bleeding.
  3.   Infection is another common complication that develops after circumcision surgery. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have the surgery because you are scared of a little infection.
  4.   This situation might occur when the surgeon is inexperienced and use the wrong tool or technique. Otherwise, your penis will look attractive after the surgery.
Taking Care of The Patient Post-Surgery

You should also know how to take care of the penis after the surgery is done and you have gone home. Patients have to look out for the following three things when taking care of themselves.

  1.   It has been recommended to take plenty of rest during the first two weeks of recovery. Never try to do rigorous exercises except walking. You can take a shower within the week with the bandage on the penis.
  2.   You have to avoid foods that could be heavy on the stomach. Fluids intake should be increased. If you are a regular smoker or drinker, avoid them during the whole recovery period.
  3.   If you are taking blood-thinning medicines, make sure not to take them for four to five weeks. Or until the wound has completely healed. It has also been advised to only take painkillers after adult circumcision surgery as per the surgeon’s instructions.

The concepts of circumcision, the procedure, benefits, why people avoid it, and how to take care of it should be cleared.

Here are three questions that will further clarify the idea of circumcision surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to heal after circumcision for adults?

The average time for adult circumcision surgery to heal is four to five weeks. Some men can heal quickly, and others might take longer to recover.

How can I make my circumcision heal faster?

No, the time for healing can’t be made faster. It will take almost four weeks for the proper healing. Patients can take good care of themselves to ensure that this period is not extended.

How many days after circumcision can you bath?

You have to wait for at least two days to take a bath. Even after two days, you have to ensure that the penis is covered with a bandage before showering.