If you are a parent of an older dog, you may be well aware of the deteriorating dental health of your pet. You can switch to dry dog food if your dog cannot munch dry kibble. This guide will take you through the aspects of soft dry dog food and some of the main components of the concerned food for the fitness of your pet, as they grow older.

Facts to know about soft dry dog food 

Some dog food is impressive in itself because of its chewy texture. Like some dog foods, you also don’t have to refrigerate them. For soft dry dog food, you will always get the feeling and appearance of freshness. Another outstanding feature of this dog food is its prolonged shelf life. It is for this reason that this food acts as a suitable alternative to other fresh dog food. It is available under various names.

The cooking methods of soft dry dog food are also different from other foods readily available in the stores near you. The cooking process of making soft kibbles helps in retaining minerals, vitamins, and other food nutrients, allowing your dog to soak up more.

Which is more healthy – soft kibble or dry kibble?

After a prolonged debate, soft kibbles are healthier than dry kibble.

Dry kibble sold around the globe is considerably processed nutrition cooked under high temperature. Being cooked at a high temperature makes the food lose all its healthful nutrients and no longer fuels the fitness of your furry companion.

Apart from cooking the dry kibble at high temperatures, this dry dog food produced by the machine crumbles the components at increased pressure and heat, disintegrating your dog food’s essential nutrients.

Unlike dry dog food, soft dry dog food gets cooked differently, and rather than going through the laborious process, it is more likely to get baked.

When should you switch the food of your pet to soft kibble?

When your dog becomes old and is called a senior dog, it is the right time to consider swapping his food from other dog food to soft dry dog food.

You may likely notice that your pet has a problem eating hard food. Mentioned below are some of the early signs that you should not ignore.

  • Swollen gums
  • Loss in appetite
  • Nasty breath
  • Drooling

All these symptoms are signs that you should visit a vet with your dog to find out if your pet is experiencing any dental issues. If any teeth problems get diagnosed, the vet will prescribe soft dry dog food to reduce the pain your pet may experience while eating. Soft dry dog food will help them in relieving the pain while eating.

As you all know, dogs are carnivorous, so fresh meat must be a vital ingredient in soft kibble. Another ingredient is coconut oil in soft kibble if your dog is aging.

Coconut oil contains many added benefits for senior dogs, particularly in improving brain functions, thereby improving the dementia of your dog that they may be experiencing. You may search here at https://dogpetguide.com/best-dog-foods-for-dogs-with-no-teeth-or-bad-teeth for more information


For these reasons, health-conscious dog owners primarily prefer soft dry dog food. The smooth texture, the cooking method, the shelf life, and the intact nutrients have made this product popular among dog owners.