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smd screens
smd screens

DOOH is another element of digital SMD screens. The digital version of “out-of-home” media which includes all digital display solutions for advertising purposes.

It is therefore all the screens and billboards promoting the products and or services of a company outside the point of sale. It is the transposition of conventional advertising as we know it (television, press, etc.) but outside the home (hence its name).

The DOOH is not only limited to our streets, it can also be found indoors or in shop windows, in shopping centers for example, or in public places such as stadiums. It is above all characterized by the use that is made of it. Indeed, the goal of DOOH is to communicate, to make known products/services/offers from different advertisers.


The communication market represents €33.8 billion in France in 2019, i.e. growth of 1.5% compared to 2018. It includes several sectors including advertising, POS, PR, and event sponsorship. . Advertising media are also up 2.6% and advertising revenue represents €15 billion. The best-known advertising media are television, radio, the press, outdoor billboards, and even the internet.

This growth is mainly due to SMD Screens. Indeed, all digital advertising media saw an increase of +13.4%. Investments in digital media such as TV or radio as well as DOOH have also generated €642 million in revenue. Communication on digital media, therefore, continues to observe the same double-digit growth as over the past 10 years.


Outdoor advertising displays or OOH represented 1,301 million euros in 2019, i.e. a growth of 3.6%. This growth takes into account several solutions including conventional display, DOOH, but also street furniture, transport, and commercial areas.

This growth is also mainly due to the DOOH sector with a growth of 20.5%. Either among the most dynamic sectors of the advertising market.


69%, or nearly 2 out of 3 advertisers, used digital advertising media in 2019. The sectors that invest the most in digital are, moreover, mass distribution, tourism, banking, and insurance.

Outdoor advertising and especially DOOH stands out for the loyalty of these advertisers. Nearly 1 out of 2 advertisers (47%) remain faithful to its display solution for more than 4 years. It is also a sector that still attracts 23% of new advertisers in 2019.

This dynamic is not only observed at the national level but even more so at the local level. Indeed the local communication market is up 1.7%, more than the national one. It also represents 11.32 billion euros, including 8.77 billion euros from purely local advertisers.


The current health crisis makes predictions more difficult. Indeed, it is complicated to anticipate the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the advertising and DOOH market. So if we do not take into account recent events and simply project data from recent years, the outlook remains positive. The Kantar Media study also provides for an increase of 1% for communication as a whole and 10% for the digital sector.

Similarly, ecological considerations are also elements in favor of DOOH. Indeed, communities tend to want to reduce the number by 4/3. Since these generate a significant production of poster waste and many urban journeys.

In addition to the visual pollution that some aging panels cause. Whereas, the loss of these panels would be a significant loss of earnings for advertisers. Golds an advertising screen allows to display several advertisers and thus allows to replace on average 6 static panels. These are therefore interesting alternatives for advertisers.

At Winlight we produce all types of giant screens including advertising screens dedicated to DOOH. You can therefore find all our offers dedicated to advertising in our Winlight MEDIA solutions.

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