Vinyl products are the most popular products nowadays. Key chains and stickers are the most popular vinyl products among people. However, few people understand the difference between vinyl decals and vinyl custom stickers. Understanding vinyl science is not rocket science. Before you know the difference between vinyl decals and vinyl stickers, you should understand these terms separately.

Vinyl decals

Vinyl decals are cut from the roll of vinyl. This cutting is done by using a plotter or a vinyl cutter. You can see vinyl decals from a wall, a vehicle, or a MacBook. Vinyl decals are available in different finishes and colors.

The mechanism of cutting vinyl decals is quite interesting. The vinyl cutter is connected to a device or a computer. This allows it to read the design files. The cutter has a tiny single blade that cuts into vinyl. The rest of the roll is moved back and forth as the tiny blade cuts through the material. It is to be mentioned that the blade only place cuts deep enough to cut into the material. The backing paper is not cut.

Only the vinyl is cut. After the cutting of vinyl, it is removed from the machine, and it is placed on the table for weeding, i.e., the process of removing excess vinyl by hand. Weeding can take time, as it depends upon the complexity of the design.

After the decal is weeded, the decal is ready for the taping machine. The taping machine pushes the decal, and it rolls a layer of tape onto the decal. This layer of tape applies the decal onto a surface. You can manufacture vinyl decals in different colors. However, for this purpose, you will have to cut separate layers of different colors.

After cutting layers of different colors, you need to combine all the layers on a single backing paper before taping it. This will give you one layer to apply to stick it to the surface. You might have to tape every layer separately. This will require you to combine different layers separately before you stick to the surface.

It can be one of the most challenging tasks for a person to do weeding vinyl stickers. These processes can take a lot of time, proving to be highly expensive. Moreover, this will require you to stick to multiple layers on the surface, which eventually will take a big bite of time.

It is recommended not to do such tasks on your own. The best you can do is to hire professionals for this purpose. Professional sticker manufacturing services can help as you have someone to do tasks on your behalf. is one of the best sticker manufacturing companies working right now in the world.

Vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers are different from vinyl decals. The vinyl stickers are printed onto the vinyl by using a wide format printer. There is a huge layer of digital vinyl that absorbs the inks. The inks are high in quality, and these look so good for longer periods of time.

Different companies have different methods for the manufacturing of vinyl stickers. Different repositionable vinyl for the stickers is used because these are easy to remove and apply as compared to the rest of the stickers. This process is quite important in the case of wall stickers when you do not want to damage the wall surfaces when stickers are removed. Vinyl stickers are designed in the best way as they do not leave behind residue upon removal.

Properties of vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers are the most used stickers. Different people use these stickers for different purposes. Students use the stickers to decorate their notebooks and books. People also put stickers on walls, mirrors, desks, laptops, and other wardrobes. Different businesses use vinyl stickers for the promotion of their brands or services. Vinyl stickers have different properties.

  • Vinyl stickers are the most durable stickers a person can have.
  • Vinyl stickers are different from paper stickers.
  • Vinyl stickers have better finishing.
  • Vinyl stickers are creative, unique, and can be used for decoration.
  • Vinyl stickers can withstand weather conditions, so they can be used outdoors and indoors.
  • Vinyl stickers can live up to five years. Lamination adds to the lifespan of the stickers.
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