Custom mailer boxes are a packaging material box that is made up of paperboard and is used for storing and transporting products or in other words for shipping purposes. The folding or retainment of this packaging material requires no adhesive material because it has interlocking flaps and wings. The lateral or sides of these custom mailer boxes are thick enough to withstand the pressure applied or for transport purposes.

Also, the mailer boxes can be used over and over again and the material is eco-friendly and produces no toxic substance is produced on decomposition. Mailer boxes can transport or ship material or products of any sort. And these mailer boxes are made up of paperboard, which is eco-friendly.

Custom Mailer Boxes Advantages:

If you are indulge in a business that requires constant shipping and delivery we as the business individual must opt for boxes or packaging material that are durable and reliable. Therefore, custom mailer boxes must be the top priority. Because these Cardboard, mailer boxes, and other paper or Kraft based boxes are commonly use for shipping and delivery purposes in the United States of America.

There are several benefits due to which these mailer boxes are commonly used in the United States of America. Let us take a look.

Light In Weight:

The material used for these boxes is paperboard, which is itself light in weight. Thus, the mailer boxes though can carry or deliver products of all types and sorts but once you carry these mailer boxes they are light in weight.

Corrugated mailer boxes are not only use for delivery purposes or use by people in factories or warehouses but are use by users to send gifts to their loved ones. Also, the lightweight of these boxes is not involved in the charging of shipping of custom boxes.

Safe Transport:

The transport of glass or other crucial products is make easier with mailer boxes. The material used for the manufacturing of mailer boxes is paperboard, which is durable and well made. With these properties, the mailer boxes are more durable and strong enough to carry products inside them.

That is why these boxes are more suitable for shipping products to faraway areas. Also, the mailer box has interlocking flaps that do not open the box or ruin the product placed inside the mailer box.

No External Packaging:

That is another plus point with mailer boxes because no particular external packaging is need. The mailer boxes are design and shap according to the customer’s choice and style and when these mailer boxes arrive in the users they do not usually need to put wrapping paper or glace paper over it or design it with toppings or any other ribbons or flower. These mailer boxes are already design so beautifully that they require no additional covering or design.


The mailer boxes as discuss above are make from paperboard and the material itself and the process of its manufacturing is very cost-effective. And thus, the process of further creating these mailer boxes is also inexpensive since no chemical or fancy substance is add to make it look more expensive.

That is also, why mailer boxes are very famous among delivery companies because the cost of its production via custom printing and packaging, as well as the cost of selling these boxes, is inexpensive so customers happily buy these boxes without any thought.


The mailer boxes are make from cardboard or paperboard, which not only reduces the cost of shipping and production but poses no harm to nature. The material is eco-friendly, which means it produces no toxic material on decomposition. And when no toxic substance is release, no danger is cause to the environment thus no harm to the human being or marine life is implicate.

The ecofriendly material also increases the reputation of the brands and the product. Customers will appreciate how the company has started using green materials, as they will feel that you care for them. With going green materials, customers can easily dispose of them off because there is going to be no harm to Nature. So one can readily use these boxes for shipping purposes.

Available In All Sizes And Shapes:

Another important thing to consider that these boxes can be mold into different shapes and sizes. During the manufacturing, the mailer boxes can be twist or fold into various shapes.  Secondly, the size of the mailer boxes depends on the product size present in them.

With different sizes and shapes, customers can easily select the type of size and shape they want to pick and buy. With different sizes and shapes, the cost of these mailer boxes remains inexpensive as no additional charges are report. Thus, the choice for these mailer boxes is on point.

Customization And Easy To Label:

Customization is increasing day by day. If you wish to gift, these boxes to your loved ones you can add additional colors and textures to make them look more appealing and striking. You can add designs and printing textures of your style and design.

You can opt for your design or local online to search for designs and textures. Also, these mailer boxes can be a label with specific information. And contact details as these mailer boxes can be use for advertisement purposes. You can add product details or the brand’s logo over the boxes.


The mailer boxes are the new trend and style for delivery purposes. The mailer boxes are use for shipping purposes. You can use these for advertisement purposes and customers will like them. The labeling of these boxes can be do according to the product details. And customer style if they wish to add customization.

With customization, you can add colors and texture printing to make it look appealing and attractive. You can design your postage boxes by giving out your design and styles with online support or local help for appliance.