Parents often worry about dressing their little boys because the clothing options are quite limited. After all, boys’ clothing is limited to shirts, t-shirts and a pair of trousers or shorts. Their colors and accessories are also limited compared to those for girls. But that does not mean that you cannot make your boy feel special. After all, the little gents in our family also deserve to be pampered and have every right to look their best. This article explains how you can examine style for boys with simple boy’s shirt to create different and unique looks for the season.

Start with a Basic Shirt

The first thing to do is to get the basics right. Boys summer shirts are the basic building block of the entire look, so choose them wisely. Your kid’s wardrobe should contain at least three to four shirts that can be combined with other clothes to create different looks. The typical shirt should have a comfortable fit, be in a neutral or light color and have a collar. You may choose a half-sleeved shirt or boys t shirts, but a full-sleeved shirt gives you more leeway to play around with various looks.

Choose the Right Color Palette

Parents want to play safe when it comes to colors for their little boys. It’s always the blues, blacks, whites, and greens. But, it is time to experiment with colors a bit more. Nowadays, polo shirts for boys come in bold colors like yellow and red or even neon and pink. A good option is to combine a bold color with a neutral one to create a subtle and chic look that your boy feels comfortable in. It is important to keep your boy’s personality in mind when choosing the color palette. Please don’t force them to wear something that they don’t like.

Combine Different Separates

Try unusual color combinations by pairing separates in non-traditional ways. For example, if you have simple casual shirts for boys in a neutral tone, you can create a daring look by pairing them with a green pair of jeans or khaki shorts. Denim shorts with an untucked shirt make a fun look and promote an active and playful lifestyle. You can create a layered look in the cooler months by dressing your boy in a shirt over a t-shirt in a contrasting color. This will add more volume to their overall look.

Use Accessories to Stand Out

Boys can also benefit from accessorizing their looks to not interfere with their play or other activities. For example, a funky tie with a cartoon or cute print looks amazing on an unbuttoned boy’s shirt as it gives a casual look. You can even attach a lapel or a bowtie to make your kid look smarter. If you have chosen a subdued shirt, you can dramatize things up a bit by replacing the factory buttons with statement buttons that come in fancy colors and shapes.

Let Your Kid Have a Say

Give your child an opportunity to say what they would like to wear. Please encourage them to be creative as they might come up with some great ideas. For example, when you take your little boy shopping, let him pick out a shirt or if you have already bought a shirt, ask them to buy a pair of shorts, trousers, or khakis to go with it. Whether you purchase t-shirts for boys, a printed shirt, a striped or checked shirt, or simply a plain shirt, what matters at the end of the day is whether your kid feels happy about his clothes.


There are many ways to create different styles for little boys, even if you are starting with a simple shirt. There is no reason why your little boy should feel left out when his sister gets all the attention for her clothes. The basic elements of the shirt, like the collar, sleeves, pocket, and cuffs, give you a lot of choices to play around with. By choosing unique color combinations, materials, accessories, and separates, you can create a new look for your little boy every month.