The Coorg coffee plantations surrounded by incredible greenery will enchant everyone. It provides tourists with a wide range of untouched sceneries, charming waterfalls and an impressive variety of flora and fauna. Wake up and enjoy a sip of coffee in the morning with a view of the misty mountains.

But the nature reserves are the most interesting of all places to explore in Coorg, whether you are with a loved one or on a holiday with your family. Spot a bison, an elephant and a Panther if you’re lucky. Coorg is one of India’s best tourism destinations, so look at some of the best places below and schedule your adventure in ‘Indian Scotland.’


Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort was a popular tourist attraction to watch many glorious rulers and the dynasty’s life, rise and fall. The granite eventually took shape and started to be built in a muddy state, which was founded by Mudduraja in the second half of the 16th century. It is a union of many religions and a convergence of cultures and customs.

It is very interesting to have a fort with a temple, church, jail, museum and library, particularly for history fans. The Fort has been built and restored over and over again by various rulers from glorious dynasties, who have used it in a manner they feel justified.

In the middle of mountains and greenery, you can spend hours inside the fort in search of historical items. It is one of the best sites to visit in Coorg and Coorg’s beauty and culture are described in the Madikeri Fort, a historic monument. The two-story heritage building designed by the former Kodagu ruler has undergone several structural and functional changes. A fort was built in the mud with a lovely palace. Which is also a church built in mud, decorated in gold and rendered in the gothic style by the Britons.

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls is one of Madikeri’s popular attractions and a perfect place to have a nice day with your friends. It is an excellent place to visit. The lush green ecosystem of Western Ghats, if you are looking to escape the business. One of the most attractive waterfalls in South America, Abbey Falls is a must-visit for nature lovers and photographers. It is also one of Coorg’s best locations. The visitors will certainly be charmed by the film, crashing 70 feet down in the middle of the panoramic scenery.

Abbey Falls is situated in the middle of the green coffee plantations. On the River Kaveri, is renowned for its calm atmosphere. It’s a haven for thrill lovers and it’s a perfect ride to soak comfortably. In the world of nature for those who want solitude. Abbey Falls has a wonderful view from the sloping bridge. It is a spot you shouldn’t overlook while visiting Coorg to find a restaurant or just to picnic. The waterfall is a calm place to enjoy your vacation, particularly during monsoons and a variety of exciting activities.

Iruppu Falls

Iruppu Falls is one of South India’s best tourism destinations. A top location for Coorg and a popular Karnataka trekking site for a host of gems. Cascading waterfalls are located in the centre of the forests of Karnataka district of Coorg, on the Brahmagiri hills. Iruppu Falls is also named the Tirtha Falls of Lakshmana. Because it originates under the same name as the affluent of the River Cauvery.

The Iruppu Falls river is also a perfect trekking destination. After a tiring walk, you can relax and rejuvenate with the chilled water of the dropping waters. While you rest and tuck your feet in the water and get away from life’s worries. You will enjoy the best hiking experience ever in Iruppu Falls with an acceptable route plan.

Raja’s Seat

The Seat of the Kings or Raja’s is Madikeri’s popular holiday destination. It is named so that in the past the Kings of Coorg visited the location. The site of Raja gives a panoramic view of a landscape of lush valleys. Sumptuous hills and paddy grounds in the local city. The atmosphere on the site is very cool and one of the best attractions in Coorg.

The real seat of Raja is a statue similar to a brick mortar. A pestle structure is surrounded by four pillars that are equidistant. The arches are used to bridge all four columns. In ancient days, this location was a significant place to catch those fun moments of sunset.

In early mornings or during sunset hours it is fun to schedule your visit to the Raja seat. Photographers who have been here had always enjoyed catching golden moments of sunrise from the perspectives of the dung-laden valleys. The evening is similar, as the sun signs with its golden smile.

Tadiandamol Peak

Tadiandamol was one of the highest peaks in the Kodagu region. Was it a favourite not only for walkers but also for nature lovers, bird watchers and photographers? The mountains have defied time and encouraged many people ever since.

The former rulers of the Kodagu region were seriously influenced by the strong mountain. The trails of their ancestry were left behind in the almost 200-year-old Nalknad Palace. In its flora and fauna, Tadiandamol has a rich diversity. Which harmoniously cohabits in the thick woods and grasslands of the West Ghats.

Trekking along Tadiandamol encourages you to be brave and careful while watching the bounty of nature. The snaking paths are at times wide and asphalt. And at times rocky and unpaved from the base village of Kakkabe. The suspense continues with the sight of thick vegetation, coffee, pepper and other spice plantations. The photo grows narrower. The birds and butterflies can be observed and appreciated by you and you can hear them.