Chrystie Scott – The First Woman to Cheat on Bruce Jenner


If you’ve been wondering about Bruce Jenner, Chrystie Scott, and the interview on 20/20, read on for a brief overview of Chrystie’s relationship with Bruce Jenner. Also, we will discuss Chrystie’s relationship with Bruce Jenner and her response to it. Here, we will discuss Chrystie’s famous father, Bruce Jenner, and her relationship with him.

Early Life of Chrystie Scott

On November 30, 1949, that actress Chrystie Scott was born in the US as Chrystie Crownover. Her acting credits include films as well as television series. A media personality and Olympian gold medalist, Chrystie is Caitlyn Jenner’s ex-wife. Caitlyn Jenner’s former self, Bruce Jenner, announced in 2015 that he was transgender. After Caitlyn Jenner’s public announcement, Chrystie Scott revealed she was transgender.

Since her second failed marriage, Chrystie Crownover Scott has been single. After a year of marriage, there were rumors about a possible divorce. Despite her success, she has never gotten married and remains single. As far as her net worth and income go, Chrystie Crownover Scott enjoys a good life. 

Her career has primarily been in entertainment since she was a flight attendant at United Airlines. Her experience includes working as a producer both on TV and in films. The woman known as Caitlyn Jenner has been married to Chrystie in recent years. Two children are born to the couple. She had only fourteen years of marriage to Richard Scott after her first marriage to Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner. Scott divorced Chrystie after her second marriage.

The net worth of Chrystie Jenner’s career

November 30, 1949, was the date of Chrystie Jenner’s birth in the United States. Before settling in Canada, she attended private school. Her fame was made in the media by her former husband, Caitlyn Jenner. According to 2022 estimates, Chrystie is worth $2 million. There is an estimate of $2 million in her net worth. She will likely earn a considerable income if she relies on her two children for her living.

Despite her lack of popularity, Chrystie Crownover Scott has been able to hold down a good income. The net worth of Bruce Jenner is $100 million. Chrystie Scott is active on social media despite not revealing her net worth. A large number of people follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She has a healthy and active social life, so it’s unlikely she has any scandals, even though she’s not dating anyone.

An off-highway racer, Burt, is the son of Chrystie Crownover Scott and Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner Racing is trying to get gold for Burt during the 2014 and 2015 X Games. Gold is among the goals of Caitlyn’s son. A long and successful relationship exists between Chrystie Crownover Scott and Burt Jenner.

Relationship between Chrystie and Bruce Jenner

Chrystie has finally discussed her relationship with Bruce Jenner, the first woman to cheat on him. Bruce Jenner and Chrystie Scott married in 1972. Coach Chrystie found out Kylie was transgender within a year of their marriage after Kylie won gold in the decathlon for Team USA.

High school sweethearts Chrystie and Bruce Jenner married in the 1980s. Brody and Brandon were their two children. The Princes of Malibu documented their relationship. Five years after the couple married, Chrystie divorced Allan Carr, a film producer. Jenner’s family is still at odds with Chrystie’s children, Burt, Casey, and Brody. 

Mount Kisco was Chrystie’s hometown when she was a child. Her education came after attending private school. A former Olympian, Scott married Jenner in 1981. Her divorce took place in 1996. Caitlyn Jenner and Jenner also engage in a secret relationship.   Caitlyn Thompson met Linda Thompson after she married Bruce Jenner. An event in which celebrities played tennis introduced them. Two of their sons were born to them. They remarried after they broke up. In Playboy Mansion, Caitlyn and Chrystie lived. Two children have been born to the couple. Two other children are also stepchildren of the couple. There has been a rocky relationship between Chrystie Scott and Bruce Jenner.

Chrystie Jenner in the media

Chrystie Jenner worked in the media before becoming a celebrity. Her appearances on television and in films were numerous. A production entitled ‘The Mike Douglas Show’ launched her acting career when she was 16. After appearing in ‘Flying High’ in 1997, she went on to star in ‘The Weakest Link.

It is still hard to ignore the controversies surrounding Caitlyn and Chrystie’s relationship. Since 2001, they have had two children together. They have close relationships with their fathers, as well as with Chrystie. However, there are no details on the future of the couple’s relationship, as they are still in a rocky stage.

Chrystie and Bruce Jenner have split for several months, and their relationship has been rocky. A shocking interview on 20/20 ended Scott and Jenner’s relationship. Their love affair will likely be over after the news shocked the world. It was an inseparable couple, but their sexual orientations were different.

The reaction of Scott to her 20/20 interview

During his recent appearance on 20/20 with his ex-wives, Kris Jenner’s gender transition has drawn a lot of controversies. This story does not surprise Chrystie. In the wake of the interview, Jenner spoke out in defense of her actions. She even had her ex-wives comment on how well it went.

Chrystie candidly discussed the changes in her life during her interview with Jenner. A brief relationship between Elvis Presley and her have come to light. She married Caitlyn after marriage, and a tennis match brought them together. There are two children, Chrystie and Caitlyn.

While Chrystie was surprised Jenner decided to share his secret with the world, she praised him for doing so. Besides Bruce’s family, he had a lot to share. His past exposure to the world helps him feel at ease. Their marriage took place in 1972. Her ex-husband’s revelation left Chrystie Scott speechless.

Scott keeps close contact with Jenner and says she wants to help others with her experience. In her 20/20 interview, Jenner referred to it as “cathartic.” He denied that he was transitioning and didn’t mean to confuse people. Ultimately, he wanted to make an example of himself for others and avoid hurting them.

Jenner’s second wife appeared in the episode for the first time. Additionally, Jenner and Linda Thompson had two children together. They still have a rocky relationship, but they are very close now that they have remarried. There will be rumors and outrage for a long time to come. Based on Kris Jenner’s reaction so far, Chrystie’s 20/20 interview reaction seems to get worse as time passes.

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