You might be wondering from where exactly the journey of optimization begins, is it from on-page SEO, or from off-page SEO? The answer to this is neither of these because the real journey of optimization starts with an SEO audit. Do you want to know more about it? Then what are you waiting for? just scroll your screen a bit and you will get to know about the checklist for SEO audit.


SEO site audit service is an important task to perform. The processes are quite complicated. There are a lot of steps to be followed for making the process easy and understandable.


 The steps should be according to the needs and usability of the websites. If the steps are properly used and followed in the way it is shown then the results are pretty good and the output from following the SEO audit is wonderful. Are you wondering what those steps might be?


Here are some of the steps discussed below that one should follow to get the expected amount of output.


  1. Check to see if your site is mobile-friendly: As many people are using mobile phones and it is a handy devices, people carry mobile phones always with them, so the site should be mobile-friendly. If it is not mobile-friendly, then the visitors could have a bad experience. And the reviews are also bad. All these can turn out to be unfavourable for your website.


So, the website should be mobile-friendly. You could check if the site is mobile-friendly or not by using Google’s mobile-friendly testing tools. You can use any tool which is a great fit for your website.


  1. Make sure Google Indexes ONE version of your website: Google indexes website and the URLs are pretty much similar for most people but not for google. Google differentiate similar websites and presents them according to their respective uses.



  1. Speed up your site: Speed is the ranking factor of the site. Now there is a new update that makes speed the most important factor for the website. The speed of the site plays a very crucial role when it comes to the rank of your website. A fast website is going to rank higher than one which takes ages to load.


  1. Find and Fix indexing Problems: This step includes the web pages that Google has not been indexed. While checking the webpage, one could find issues regarding the indexed pages. 


The Index Coverage is the report that shows the list of pages that are not indexed by google for some reason. It should get fixed, otherwise, you won’t get the desired results.



  1. Check your Organic Traffic: Organic Traffic is the traffic of the visitors, who visit your website on their own. And it is also known as unpaid Traffic. If your website is optimised then your page is going to enjoy organic traffic and that is exactly what any business wants. So, it is best to keep an eye on the organic traffic.


  1. Improve your On-Page SEO: It is difficult to improve every page of the site. But one should improve the most important pages of the site so that the visitors don’t get bored while seeing the pages. 



  1. Analyse and optimize your existing internal links: There should be a proper checking system for existing internal links, and if there is any error, you should fix it.


  1. Check your Backlinks: Backlinks are the most important factor in ranking. Backlinks are the relating factors for the ranking of the websites. And analysing the backlinks is crucial to making your website work properly.



  1. Check and Fix Broken Links: While analysing the webpage, there is an issue that arises is broken links. On the webpage, there are a lot of links that are broken and need fixation. In the process of analysing, if you get broken links, then they should get fixed at that time only. Otherwise, the website will keep on lagging and it will affect the other links and the visitor’s experience.


  1. Learn from your competition: The SEOs market is not stable, and at every point of time there is a new website for the new change. The way websites are growing, there is an increase in competitors also. For having a good website record, there should be an analysis of the competitor’s actions. One should keep an eye on the competitor’s product and their productivity.  


  1. Make your Content 10x Better: Contents play an important role in the website. If the content is good, then one should try to make it better and if it is better, then try to make it the best.


  1. Track your site audit results: Track your site’s audit results keeps you updated about the productivity of the site. So, you could make changes according to the results.



So, these are the twelve points that you can follow to have an amazing yet efficient SEO site audit. You can take the help of professionals for SEO audit because they are specialised in their field and you can save time in making other strategies.