No one likes to see pests in a home, yet Kitchener isn’t safe from pests. Different types of pests can infest your home in Kitchener if you don’t take the preventive steps to restrict pest infestations. How will you feel if an uninvited guest eats your food, nest in your house, and also damages your property? Carpenter ants are unwelcoming pests because they can damage your property, eat your food, and also nest in it. Nonetheless, you can protect your home from destructive ant species through carpenter ant control in Kitchener. Moreover, calling the experts, such as Pesticon, is your best deal for carpenter ant control.

Carpenter Ant Species. Who They Are.

Carpenter ants are unwelcoming pests with the size of around 5/8 inches and wings at times. These ants are fairly large and black that nest in the section of homes made of wood. These ants can chew their way through to enlarge their nests. Carpenter ants move and get food while creating tunnels through the interior structure they infest like a highway. Specifically, carpenter ants collect food in the preceding way for their colony and the queen, in particular. 

Facts You Need to Know about Carpenter Ants

Here are the facts you should know about carpenter ants:

  1. Carpenter ants aren’t like termites, although they chew wood identical to termites. However, they chew wood to make their nests, unlike termites that feed on wood. Besides, chewing wood allows them to move around via tunnelling easily. 
  2. Sawdust along the baseboards or your property perimeters is the sign of a carpenter ant infestation.
  3. Carpenter ant colony can grow with time if you ignore the minor infestation. Consequently, you can expect severe damage to your home structure within, with a large carpenter ant infestation.
  4. Available sources of food on your property can attract carpenter ants to infest it. Proteins in your pet food & leftovers; plus, sweets, such as syrups & sugary food attract these ants.
  5. Carpenter ants also use moisture to easily break down the wood within the area. It also aids them in creating a tunnel for worker ants.
  6. Mainly, carpenter ants nest in rotting or decaying wood; for example, within windows, chimneys, sinks, or doorframes.   

Do Carpenter Ants Bite?

Carpenter ants can bite humans unlikely; however, these ants only bite in self-defence. Carpenter ant bites don’t cause any severe harm or pose any threat to an individual’s health. Nonetheless, carpenter ants are dangerous pests, considering the structural damage they can cause. Additionally, contacting a pest control service for ant control in Kitchener ensures the protection of your home from carpenter ants.

When Can You Confront a Carpenter Ant Infestation? 

Usually, carpenter ants are present and active in warmer months of the year. Besides, you can find carpenter ants both inside and outside your home in the warmer seasons. Nonetheless, you can prevent carpenter ant infestation while taking the necessary precautions against these devastating pests

Ways You Can Prevent Carpenter Ant Infestation

You can prevent carpenter ant infestations in the following ways:

  1. Make sure there aren’t any leaks within your property structure.
  2. Also, ensure you don’t leave any food out at night, especially at night. Worker carpenter ants usually scavenge for food after sunset. Moreover, readily available food is surely going to bring these ants inside your house.

Nonetheless, carpenter ants may still infest your home despite your precautions to prevent their infestation. If these ants succeed in infesting your property, you must contact professionals to eradicate them. Besides, experts can get rid of carpenter ants from your home promptly to ensure the safety of your property. However, you must choose a reliable pest control service for carpenter ant control.

How to Choose a Pest Control Service in Kitchener for Carpenter Ant Control

Keep the following points about a pest control service in mind to choose the right exterminators for carpenter ant control:

  1. An authentic pest control service has a pest control license and insurance for pest eradication.
  2. A credible pest control service can eradicate all types of pests from your property.
  3. Pest control professionals of an authentic pest control service are well-trained for pest control and knowledgeable about different pests.
  4. A reliable pest control service possesses state-of-the-art equipment for pest eradication.
  5. Moreover, a credible pest control service uses non-toxic pesticides to ensure the safety of families, children, & pests in homes.


Carpenter ants chew on wood to make their nests on properties and use their nests for tunnelling to get food. These ants are dangerous pests because they can cause structural damage to a property. Ignoring a small carpenter ant infestation on a property can make it large over time. Carpenter ants attract to proteins found in pet food and sweets, such as sugar. These ants also use moisture to their advantage to easily rot the wood. These ants only bite in self-defence. Taking preventive steps against these ants can prevent their infestation. Nevertheless, contacting the professionals is your best deal for carpenter ant control in Kitchener.