Would you like custom boxes for candles with your logo?

Your loved ones can be gifted handwritten notes and candle boxes packaged in their own packaging with handwritten notes. The boxes of Elite Custom Boxes can be customized in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. Providing candle boxes that stand out from the crowd is one of our company’s specialties.
We have well trained staff and highly experienced designers. Our lives are enlightened by candles, which symbolize light.  Various types of events, such as birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, and so on, use candles. Candles have also become a popular trend.
Our lives are enriched by the presence of candles; they are used as decor and for lighting. Our goal is to help you acquire the attention of your customers.  This is achieved by packaging your products to add value and thereby enhance their importance. Our packaging radiates luxury and carries a premium feel, making it highly sought after.
We produce custom printed boxes for candles at wholesale rates that are the most impressive and eye-catching. Using our services will make your company more appealing to customers. We use the most innovative printing technology available today. Besides, you can reach out to your customers by printing your brand name on wholesale candle boxes.


Custom candle boxes will help you increase sales of your candles. In spite of the fact that candles are often sold to consumers at craft fairs, craft shows, and even online, if you’re a candle retailer you may want to make your own candles.

Custom candle packaging is best for grabbing the attention of the market. Candle boxes must be more than just attractive. Furthermore, they should protect the candle from damage. A poor packaging choice can negatively impact your reputation. It will look cheap if they use a cheap, ugly container. Consequently, sales will be affected.

Do not hesitate to contact candle packaging suppliers such as EliteCustomBoxes® (ECB). We specialize in it. With our responsibly sourced eco-felt and our precision cutting and design, we take pride in what we do.

In your meeting with our design team, we’ll learn about your vision and begin to develop it with you. Do you want to have custom candles boxes made?

How do we make custom candles boxes?

We make custom candles boxes by:

Gifts for housewarmings can be stressful. Since your friend’s attention doesn’t only depend on you, it’s more difficult to compete for. Thus, you should purchase a gift they will appreciate.

At ECB, designers have addressed all of these issues. Offering custom options for every design imaginable, they deliver directly from their workshop to your house. Make someone’s day with a personalized candle box.

You will find something that corresponds to their personality among all the options available. There is more to candles than just lighting them and burning them. The light they give off symbolizes love, happiness, and friendship.

All of these problems can be solved with our design-your-own personalized boxes from ECB. This type of box can be personalized for any occasion and at any budget. You can find the perfect match for whatever you need!

A variety of custom design options:

There’s nothing fun about ordinary boxes. Those boxes are boring and generic. Additionally, they are quite expensive to purchase.

Why not design a box that is tailored to the exact appearance of your company or brand? Wouldn’t it be great if you could include a logo, colors, and perhaps even a photo of yourself? How about a low price as well?

This is exactly what you can get with our retail packaging solution. Personalized candles are a luxury that anyone can enjoy, and we have cheap packages for everyone. Making custom boxes is what we do best, so there is no end to the designs you can create!

We offer low prices:

The cost of a custom candle box can be high.

We at ECB manufacture quality boxes. With their brand-new candle containers, your product will stand out from the sea of candles in the store.

Our company has been around for many years and has served customers from all over the world.  With our company, you can make some extra cash by putting your products on the market and operating your business. We offer a range of services starting as cheap as we can, from printing your design onto stickers and packaging to delivering them to your doorstep.

The best packaging supplier available.

The candle box manufacturing industry has thousands of companies producing boxes. Our experience over the years has taught us that the right box can make or break your final product. We understand how critically important it is for each box and jar to work together, fit your branding style, and work with each other. If you choose the wrong box, you can be frustrated, and we want to prevent you from feeling that frustration; we want you to succeed.

We specialize in candle packaging. Our team has spent years making the best candle boxes, whether you need them to wrap your own candle-making products or for a profitable eCommerce business that resells someone else’s candles or bath and body products.

Fully Customizable

As a leading candle box packaging provider, we are offering wholesale prices for quality candle boxes.

As a result, we have lots of satisfied customers. Their customization options are most likely the reason. Our fast and reliable support team is also a big plus.

We provide 100s of shapes and sizes, in a variety of colors and themes, so you can find the right packaging for your candle company. You can also reach out to one of our candle box designers by calling our toll-free number if you can’t find it on our design board. Options that don’t even exist yet can be given to you, or they will craft bespoke designs that are impossible to imagine.

Each box is unique and impeccably crafted, and we have made thousands for our customers. We can help you create the perfect artwork for your unique candle project because of our extensive experience and highly skilled team. Candle wedding favors and packaging boxes with the highest level of quality are our passion.

So, it’s a simple matter to upgrade the packaging of your candles from standard to spectacular in a few simple steps.

Choose from multiple styles, inserts, ribs, and windows to customize your packaging.

What would it be like to have personalized retail boxes for candles that were printed with your favorite logo? EliteCustomBoxes® allows you to do all of these things.

You can use our fully customized boxes of candles to market a wide range of products and services. Laser engraving adds an extra touch to personalized candle favors. Depending on your marketing campaign, you may decide to display your logo on the candle boxes as well.

In addition to having your artwork or logo look amazing on the box, you can also have the box engraved in 3D. We offer businesses the opportunity to set the tone of their products with meaningful custom candle boxes that are sure to stick in customers’ minds.

Candle products are readily available in many retail outlets at the moment thanks to a growing candle industry. While there are many lovely candles available, a growing number of products are less inspiring and inferior in quality.

What are your methods for setting your candles apart from the competition? EliteCustomBoxes® offers box printing and manufacturing technology advancements that are unique to our company.

Consequently, business owners who want to impress their clients can do so with these custom branded boxes that have inserts and ribbons and are essentially your business’s first impression to prospects.

Get Wholesale Candle Packaging for your business.

The candles alone will not help you maximize your profits even if they are part of your product line. To make each candle appealing to customers, you need to find the right packaging at the right price.

You might need some cheap custom boxes as an entrepreneur with a tight budget. Your product might need to stand out and be captivating if you are a business owner. You might own a business that makes candles and candles accessories, and you need premium-quality boxes for the task. You’re in good hands.

Great candle packaging makes a huge impact from the very beginning. Ultimately, customers know what’s best for them. You can create packaging designs that make your customers choose you over your competitors by creating beautiful, premium-quality packaging.

The elegant boxes we make are the perfect way to decorate your home.  One of their best features is their affordability and the fact that they can be used as gift boxes. ECB offers the most affordable prices on high-quality boxes with fast shipping at anywhere in the world, so retailers like you can never go wrong by teaming up with a reliable supplier like them.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Candle Box Retail

The candles you make are wonderful, but the packaging is old fashioned and boring. Perhaps you ought to get new packaging! You can really stand out from the crowd by choosing Eco-friendly packaging boxes from EliteCustomBoxes®. The digital printing on-demand service we offer allows us to manufacture and supply candle packaging boxes. Moreover, you can print on plastic, Eco-friendly cards, and bendable lids using our digital printing service. Products offered by us are very competitively priced, and we can also personalize the printing with your logo.

With the use of modern packaging methods, we manufacture an excellent range of candle boxes. Most candles are stored in these boxes. As per our clients’ designs and specifications, we can tailor our boxes to their needs. We have been able to develop these boxes according to the demands of our valuable clients thanks to the incorporation of advanced machinery and equipment.

A fast shipping & turnaround time is available upon request.

Printing and manufacturing affordable, sturdy, and economical boxes enhances the professional appearance of your company. We provide fast turnaround times and fast shipping worldwide for our customized and personalized cardboard and foam box packaging solutions.

We are a leading provider of cardboard candle boxes, fluted candle sleeves, scented candle cups, and scented candle holders. Also available from ECB are boxes in white, brown, and clear, as well as clear glass jars.

Each box is made to fit the exact dimensions of the candles you wish to pack. This ensures the best possible product protection during shipping. Taking guesses is not an option!

Every time a customer orders from you, they want safe, undamaged products. You are not going to risk anything when shipping your goods. As well, we offer different shapes, styles, materials, and designs of candle boxes at competitive prices that can help promote your brand.


Can you explain custom candle boxes?

The presentation of your candles in custom boxes is unique and memorable. There is no better packaging option for any occasion than candle boxes, whether it be a birthday celebration or an anniversary celebration. This package will be a great addition to any celebration. Any business can use beautiful boxes to increase brand awareness, increase sales, and provide a memorable experience to their customers.

What are the benefits of using a box?

It’s always a great idea to give candles as a gift on a birthday, for an anniversary or just because you love someone. You can find beautiful candles for an affordable price. You will notice that most candle packaging is similar. Give your gift a special touch of personality by purchasing an elegant box that makes it more memorable. You should also consider purchasing boxes for your products if you want to make your candle business stand out from the crowd. Your product can appear more exclusive with one of these boxes, making it seem more valuable and special.

Do you offer different types of Candle boxes?

These are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Thanks to their uniquely designed properties, they can be used for many different purposes. Consider using an attractive box when choosing packaging for your products for many reasons.

Starting with its appearance, boxes are attractive and eye-catching. With a short shelf life and greater practicality than other packaging options, it stands out on shelves. In addition to offering a variety of sizes and styles, these kinds of boxes are also very customizable. Among the customization options are lids, windows, logos, inserts, and cutouts.

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