A lot of businesses today rely on team-building exercises to bring employees from various departments together and foster harmony, strengthen bonds, and foster teamwork. However, it is frequently challenging to find budget-friendly team-building activities in Singapore. Employers approach team-building exercises by focusing on two very pragmatic factors: cost and benefit.

We’ve specifically looked into and compiled a list of activities that cost $35 or less with regard to affordability. You can try out the 5 affordable team building games in Singapore listed below for your team-building.

Bullet Strike

The last affordable activity for teambuilding Nerf guns with foam ball projectiles are used in this thrilling team-based exercise. While achieving various game goals, players will aim at and shoot at opponents. The foam-based bullets in Nerf Guns are safe, and participants are also required to wear safety masks for added security.

In addition to fast-paced action and team-based strategy, competing teams must outsmart one another to win. There are various game modes that need players to cooperate with their teammates in order to complete the corresponding game objectives. This is one corporate team-building activity that you absolutely must do if you’re searching for something fast-paced and action-packed.

Art Jamming

With Art Jamming, let your imagination soar and paint your stress away. Each participant is given the opportunity to design their own masterpiece, which they can take home or back to their office to showcase. This is a fantastic corporate team-building workshop activity.

This activity can be undertaken individually, with each participant creating their own masterpiece, or in groups, where participants collaborate to create a greater work of art.

Art Jamming is a stress-relieving and enjoyable team-building exercise that you and your coworkers may participate in while listening to relaxing background music. It is a great option for small groups as well as for carnivals, wedding celebrations, bachelor parties, hen’s nights, and birthday parties.

Giant Board Games

With so many different board game options, the traditional choices of Uno, Jenga, and snake and ladder are some of the most well-known ones. Board games are one of the “OG” team-bonding activities that many people appreciate and remember! Grab your friends and head over to The Fun Empire to play these traditional board games in a fresh way!

Giant Board Games are fantastic choices for your team-building event, serving as engaging side activities for family days and business dinners and dances as well as being efficient and interactive icebreaker games in Singapore. Giant Board Games are a fantastic team-building activity for any Singapore team-building event.


One of the newest team-building games to enter the Singapore market is the game. The two games’ diverse playing mechanics and one-of-a-kind tasks will keep your team motivated throughout your team-building exercise.

The game is a thrilling yet reasonably priced choice to take into consideration for your upcoming team-building Singapore session. It is an original concept produced by The Fun Empire.

As long as there is enough room for 8–10 people to move around, you can host this activity anywhere, including your business conference room, which is appropriate for children and adults. The game is a terrific option for your next team-building events if you’re searching for a task to assess your team’s coordination and communication abilities.

Ninja Tag

Ninja Tag is a team-building game you may play with your friends and coworkers that simulates close combat! The basic goal of the game is to battle your opponents, and there are several interesting game types for you and your team to enjoy at your upcoming team-building activity.

Ninja Tag is one of the most unusual and enjoyable activities in Singapore, and it costs only $15 per person. You may set up the game at your business’s location, outside, or at a nearby indoor team-building facility. One of Singapore’s most thrilling team-building exercises is fighting your pals!