This type of accessory allows new ways of playing and the transport of different objects and toys.


The Bobby Car rod offers parents a practical relief.


This type of accessory is standard in almost every slide car.

License plate

This is a great way to personalize the car.

Each Bobby Car is equipped with the necessary mounting options for the accessories. best rc batteries you will find simple plug connections on the back as well as on the front. The original accessories can be inserted there safely and without much effort.

Buy Bobby Cars online

Slide cars and Bobby Car spare parts are not that expensive. Nevertheless, by buying in the right place, you can buy a cheap bobby car.

Consider buying from an online store in Germany. Although you do not have the opportunity here, for example, to look at the different Bobby Cars with whisper tires up close or to take your child with you. On the other hand, in most cases you will be able to enjoy a larger offer and get the Bobby Car cheaply.

Bobby Cars at Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a Bobby Car test, on the other hand there are many comparisons on the Internet for Bobby Cars 2022, which provide you with important information for a comprehensive purchase advice. In various tests for Bobby Cars you will find the Bobby Car test winners and addresses where you can buy the slide car online.

As a rule, you should orient yourself on the best Bobby Cars to pick out the best slide car for your needs. Make use of this possibility and carry out a comprehensive research on the net. Afterwards, you will be able to make the right purchase decision based on real facts.

Finally, you should also take into account that buying online is much cheaper. Online shops convince with a great and comprehensive offer, from which you can choose the right car for your needs. Avoid long queues and journeys. You can find your dream car together with your family at home. The car will then be delivered directly to your front door. However, you have to do without consultation when buying online. However, this is not so tragic, as in the many tests for slide cars online you will already find the most important thing to make a confident purchase decision.

Safety instructions Bobby Car

At first, just let your child drive around the house. Not so much can happen there. If your child has already made initial progress and feels safe in using the car, you can also let your child drive outdoors.

Discover an alternative test from Stiftung Warentest

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet dealt with slide cars. off road rc car you should therefore make an independent comparison of Bobby Cars. Also, take this opportunity to check out the many tests for Bobby Cars. Here, too, you will be able to find important clues for your subsequent purchase decision. Stiftung Warentest has its own category for toys.

How can Bobby Car tires be fitted?

Brands and manufacturers have been using hat clips for the assembly of the wheels for many years. They are rivets with integrated metal claws. You can firmly connect these to the axles of the slide car by knocking on the door. This ensures that the wheels do not fall off.

In the scope of delivery of a sliding car, you will usually find new hat clips and a metal tapping aid as well as Platstikhülsen. To disassemble the hat clips, you need to insert the plastic sleeve into the metal head aid. Then place them on the hat clip to be removed. Now take a hammer and hit the metal head avert until the claws of the hat clip come loose. Now you can remove the hat clip. For this purpose, use a slotted screwdriver. In the end, you can remove the wheel.

In order to mount the new wheels, you must first remove the rear axle and then mount the new wheel. Attach this to the rear axle. To do this, you have to tap the hat clip firmly. You do this until it is straight and firmly encloses the axis. Then plug the rear axle back through the holes, which are located in the rear area of the Bobby Car. Now you can also attach the second wheel.