Almost all types of locks are offered both as a variant with a key and as a bicycle lock with a combination lock.vilano diverse 3.0 hybrid bike both locking mechanisms make it difficult to crack the bicycle lock.

Apart from the bicycle lock security level, the practical benefit also plays a role in the selection. The keys can sometimes be lost in everyday life. And a combination of numbers can be forgotten. Both models have advantages and disadvantages to offer:

Advantages and disadvantages of a bicycle lock with a key:



  • Easy to use
  • Special security keys are not easy to imitate
  • Usually, more than one key included




  • Copying keys can be very expensive


Advantages and disadvantages of a bicycle lock with a combination lock




  • Combination difficult to guess
  • several people can use the castle
  • easy to use




  • unusable if the combination is forgotten

Buy a bicycle lock for children

Whether you want to buy an Abus bicycle lock for your child or an Axa bicycle lock, it is best to do without a variant with a key. Because a forgotten combination can be quickly inquired about via telephone. But once the key has been lost, it is quite expensive and time-consuming to solve this problem.

The bicycle lock must be light but secure so that the child can handle it easily. A thick and heavy chain is therefore not the right choice. In the bicycle lock comparison, swing locks are often called a good alternative for children.

Weight in kg and dimensions in cm – there is a lot to consider

If you look at a bicycle lock comparison, it quickly becomes clear that in addition to safety, the handling is in the foreground. A bicycle lock that is too heavy or large rarely makes the user happy. But when is a bicycle lock heavy and what dimensions are suitable in everyday life?


Info: If a bicycle is parked without a bicycle lock in a publicly accessible place, it is no longer insured against theft. Therefore, always make sure to provide the bike with a proper lock. So Bardenia and Co. certainly take action in the event of damage.


Observe safety information

There is no universal system for the security of bicycle locks. However, most manufacturers provide very precise information about what kind of security level the lock has to offer:

Resists bolt cutters

Resists side cutters

Resists angle grinders

Well-known providers such as Trelock and Kryptonite always provide the appropriate information. Often even very detailed. For example, it informs about how long the lock can withstand before a side cutter could cut it. Cheap bicycle locks do not always offer this information.

Can the keys be reordered?

Special keys can often only be reordered from the company. This is only against proof of purchase or a special code that is delivered with the key. If this is not possible, the lock will become useless if you lose all keys.

Look closely at bicycle locks with a key

If you have opted for a granite or Bordo bicycle lock with a key, there are also a few purchase criteria that must be particularly observed. best hybride bike for men Is the key equipped with an LED light? Then you can easily lock and open the lock even in low light conditions. Is there a locking cover? Then the lock is well protected from wind, weather, and dirt.

The number of keys is also relevant. There should be at least two in the scope of delivery. Some providers even include three or four. Once the key is fixed, it cannot be withdrawn after the lock is open. This prevents it from getting lost.