Situated in the capital of the USA, American University is one of the globally recognized schools. International students all over the world choose AU for many reasons. It has a top-class research facility, highly qualified faculty, and a diverse environment.

When it comes to graduate programs, the university is a paradise for knowledge seekers. It offers high-paying, modern degrees, such as clinical biochemistry, environmental science, and nutrition education. These courses are regarded as the best in terms of employment ratio.

If you are a Pakistani student and want to complete higher education in the USA, keep reading. This article will shed light on the best graduate programs offered by American University.

Top 5 Graduation Courses You Can Study at AU

Most international students want to enroll in American University because of the high-quality education it offers. There is a wide range of subjects that you can select from, including computer science and film and media production. Let’s have a look at the top five graduation courses you can study at AU:

1. Clinical Biochemistry

If biochemistry is your passion, you should pursue a graduate degree in clinical biochemistry at AU. It is one of the best graduate programs offered by American University. The school provides you with an opportunity to study relevant coursework and get hands-on experience in practical work.

You can secure a lucrative job as a laboratory scientist, chemical engineer, forensic scientist, or biomedical scientist. Securing admission to AU can be challenging if you do not seek help from a professional. That is why students contact an education consultant in Pakistan to enroll in this remarkable school and become clinical biochemists.

2. Environmental Science

Environmental science has become a need of the hour. Businesses look forward to hiring experts in this field to comply with sustainability standards. That is why American University proudly offers a remarkable degree in environmental science.

The emphasis on the practical application of theoretical concepts makes AU a perfect choice for this program. You can become an environmental engineer, technician, chemist, wildlife biologist, or ecologist after getting a degree from this university. All these jobs are highly paying and satisfying.

3. Film and Media Production

Do you want to enter the glamorous world of film and media? American University offers you a chance to fulfill your dream. Master of Arts in film and media production is one of the top five graduation courses you can study at AU.

After completing the graduation program from American University, you can secure the following jobs:

  • Cinematography
  • Film criticism
  • Visual effects
  • Sound production
  • Screenwriting

All the above jobs are high-income and bring out creativity in yourself.

4. Computer Science

We are living in the world of computers. The stunning innovations in this landscape have led to an increase in the demand for computer scientists. A degree in this subject is one of the best graduate programs offered by American University. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality are the world’s future.

Being a graduate in this field from AU can help you become:

  • Network architect
  • Computer system analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Mobile app developer
  • Cybersecurity manager

These professions will help you accomplish many milestones. Opting for a trustworthy consultancy agency is essential to get admission to AU. You can contact an education consultant in Pakistan to accomplish your educational and professional objectives.

5. Nutrition Education

Last but not least, American University is famous for its high-paying graduation degree in nutrition education. This field of biology plays a significant role in educating individuals about the importance of a balanced and nutrient-rich diet.Today’s eating habits are derived from convenience.

Getting a graduate degree from AU in nutrition education can help you secure a job as a health coach, health educator, personal trainer, or nutritionist. You can earn a handsome amount after becoming any of the above professionals.


In short, American University is an excellent choice for completing a graduation degree in your favorite subject. This remarkable school offers you an opportunity to study computer science, nutrition education, and clinical biochemistry. Contacting an education consultant will help you secure admission to this excellent school.

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