Multiple tool opener

Website planet’s Multiple tool opener allows you to open multiple links at once. It is compatible with all major browsers and completely free.

You should be cautious not to open too many links simultaneously as this can overload your computer and slow down it. You may lose any work you have saved and your screen may freeze. You can copy URLs one at a time, separated by commas and separated by space.

This tool is very flexible, but it is important to set certain settings. You can enable pop-ups on commonly visited websites. You will also need a web browser capable of supporting JavaScript. This applies to browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

Multiple URL opener

multiple url opener


Multiple URL opener is an extremely useful productivity tool that Ethereal IT Solutions created. It solves the problem of opening multiple URLs at once. The best part about it is that it is completely free. This tool, like the others in this list, allows you to open multiple URLs at once with just a click.

Simply copy and paste the URLs into the text box. You must place each website URL on its own line. It will display a list of valid URLs after you click on the submit button. Clicking the “Open All” button will open all URLs at once.

This tool works with many browsers that support JavaScript such as Internet Explorer, Firefox Chrome, Opera, Safari, Opera, and Safari.

You can also open as many websites as you wish. The better for you, however, is a smaller number of websites that you can open. There is no need to add multiple URL openers to your browser extensions. This tool can be added to your shortcuts, and you can use it whenever needed.

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Open Multiple URL


Bulk URL Opener to Multiple Links or Websites allows you to open multiple URLs simultaneously. It can be tedious to open multiple URLs at once.

It can be tedious and time-consuming. Particularly if you work in digital marketing, which requires that you open new tabs constantly. You will find yourself opening the same pages more often than you think, sometimes even multiple times per day.

It would be so much easier to just copy the URLs, then paste them into one text area and all of the URLs will open up for you with a click of a button. It seems so easy, doesn’t it? There are no restrictions on the number of URLs that you can open.

With just one click, you can open up to 20-25 URLs simultaneously. You can open all the URLs listed in different browser tabs. It is easy to use, and it is free. You don’t need any extensions or apps to use the tool. It can be used online from any location with internet access.

You will need to have many tabs open if you are an SEO webmaster or Web data mining and mining expert, content writer, creator, or both. You can easily copy and paste the list of URLs that you use most often into this tool.

A tool like this can make your life easier. This tool is easy to use and requires no installation. SEO professionals, web researchers, employers, and content writers all have a lot of benefits. SEO experts might need to test page speed, simultaneous connections, and site-related factors. They may also need to assess site load times.

This bulk URL opener or multiple URL opener tools can be used on any modern website browser, including Mozilla Firefox, Windows, Linus, and iOS. It is also supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox Chrome, Safari, Safari, Opera, and Opera. Your web browser might freeze if you attempt to open many URLs or links at once.