What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a broad word that refers to anything that includes delivering hosted services, particularly over the internet. These services have divided into three main categories and types of cloud computing such as

  • infrastructure as a service
  • platform as a service
  • software as a service

In fact, a cloud can be private or public. A public cloud can easily sell services to anyone on the internet actually. As there are several It cloud service providers hence one of the best Cloud Computing Services California. A private cloud, often known as a proprietary network and data centre, is a well-known term. which can provide hosted services to a small number of individuals with specific access and a wide range of authorization settings. No matter its Private or public the goal of cloud computing is to provide efficient, easy, scalable access to computing resources and also IT services.

If we look into it further, we can see that cloud infrastructure includes both hardware and software components that are essential for the correct execution of a cloud computing architecture. Computing is another term for cloud computing.

The cloud symbol, which is often used to depict the internet in the form of flowcharts and diagrams, was most likely the inspiration for cloud computing.

How does cloud computing work?

Cloud computing works by enabling client devices in order to access data and cloud applications in over the internet just from remote physical servers, computers and databases. As we know that an internet network connection always links the front end, that can include the accessing client device, its browser, network also cloud software applications, as well with the back end that is basically consists of databases, its servers and computers. Its back end acts as a repository for data that the front end can access.

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In general communications between both of them, the front and back ends are managed by a central server effectively. As we know that the central server totally relies on protocols to facilitate the exchange of data easily. Also the central server uses both of the software and middleware in order to manage connectivity between both of the different client devices and cloud servers. Aside this typically, there is also a dedicated server for each of the individual application and you may say workload.

It’s a fact that now Cloud computing totally relies heavily on virtualization and automation technologies as well. These virtualization enables the easy abstraction and also provisioning of many services that are underlying cloud systems into logical entities in which users can request and utilize them. At the other hand automation and accompanying capabilities provide users sometimes with a high degree of self-service just to provision resources also connect services and deploy workloads without the direct intervention from some of the cloud provider’s IT staff.


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