If you’re like me, the summer heat can be unbearable! When you run your air conditioner, it just adds to the misery of being stuck in that sauna of a house. What if there was an easy way to keep your air conditioner cool without turning it on? You could save money, reduce your energy consumption, and feel much more comfortable with this DIY AC cover project. Let’s get started!

How to make an air conditioner cover

An air conditioner is an essential piece of equipment in many homes during warm weather, but if you’re like most people, you also realize that they can be pretty noisy. An easy way to make sure your AC isn’t disturbing anyone is to put a cover over it. There are plenty of fancy options out there for covers, but for simple and cheap, you can make your own cover using some fabric. The cost for supplies will vary depending on what kind of material you use (and how much), but even if you spend $20 on materials, that’s far less than any store-bought AC cover! Plus, making your own cover means you can customize it just how you want it. Here’s how

Why you should make an air conditioner cover

Nothing can ruin your day quite like turning on your air conditioner to find that it’s not working as well as it should. While an air conditioner cover can’t fix an AC that is completely broken, it can protect your cooling system from dirt and debris. If you live in a dusty area or near where lots of trees fall, consider making an air conditioner cover to keep dirt and falling leaves out of your filter. Also, while you might think cleaning your Best Affordable Products air conditioner is easy (don’t forget to clean out vents!), many manufacturers say otherwise: they recommend having professionals clean out vents so you don’t accidentally damage your AC unit. Many HVAC companies provide these services for free!

Step 1. Gather Your Materials

To build your air conditioner cover, you will need four 30-gallon trash bags, duct tape, and newspapers. Additionally, if you plan to mount it over an air conditioning unit rather than hanging it from its handles, make sure you have some cable ties. All of these materials are fairly inexpensive and easy to find at most grocery stores or hardware stores. Choose different colors for each bag so that it’s easy to tell them apart once they’re mounted on your AC unit.

Step 2. Cut Open an Old Sheets

The plastic covering will be your fabric and you’ll need to cut open an old sheet, large enough to fit around your air conditioner. The size of your sheet will vary depending on how big/small your AC unit is. For example, if you’re using a small portable AC unit, try using two sheets of fabric as opposed to one king-sized bedsheet. When cutting your fabric: 1) Leave enough room on all sides (this will allow you to tie together any pieces of fabric leftover). 2) Use sharp scissors or shears when possible so that you don’t rip the sheets by accident. 3) Cut out any holes or slits for knobs/switches/ventilation 4) Be sure not to leave any sharp edges!

Step 3. Measure out the Material and Secure it Around your AC Unit

Cut out two identical rectangles of your fabric. Measure your air conditioner to make sure that you are creating rectangles that are wide enough to cover both sides, but not so wide that they will bunch up around your unit. Secure both rectangles around each side of your AC unit using either duct tape or zip ties. This will prevent any bugs from entering into your home and keep cold air in for all of those warm summer months! Now, you can sit back and enjoy some ice cream while everyone else swelters outside!

Step 4. Wrap Another Layer of Fabric around it for Extra Protection

If you want to add even more protection from cold air and bugs, use a couple more layers of fabric to cover up your homemade air conditioner. You can easily secure these layers with some tape or thumbtacks. If you’re going for an all-out fort, you can secure multiple pieces of fabric on top of each other to make it extra thick! Also, remember that wet fabrics are very effective at blocking out heat. So if you have any clothes or towels lying around, they will work very well in blocking out heat and cold air. Remember that using thin pieces of fabric is easier to secure; just because it’s efficient doesn’t mean it has to be difficult!

Step 5. Enjoy the Cooler Temperature!

It’s really easy to make your own AC cover. All you need is two 2-inch thick 2-foot square sheets of Styrofoam. Using hot glue, attach sheets together so that you have one piece that’s about 4 feet wide and 16 inches tall. Cut out holes for vents, power outlets, and buttons if your AC unit has them. Then put it over your AC unit overnight to keep cool! If you want to get fancy, buy or make some fabric and drape it over your Styrofoam in order to make it look nicer. For more visit here www.top10echo.com