With the continuous development of science and technology, new technologies and applications continue to appear. The network has brought us more and more applications and services. The emergence of new technology requires corresponding network professionals to serve it. In many cases, the mastery of technology is learned through training. Many people master some network knowledge through the learning of CCNP. The old version of CCNP Shop link here  course mainly focuses on ordinary data communication. Of course, it will also involve some contents of multimedia, intelligent network and infinite LAN. But relatively speaking, there are few contents in this aspect. However, the current network is not only the communication between data, but also needs the access of voice, video and seamless wireless local area network. Due to the emergence of these new applications, our network needs to be highly intelligent and provide bandwidth utilization as much as possible. The increasing lack of addresses also requires us to know more ways to improve address utilization.

Network security has always been a very important problem we have been faced with. The continuous improvement of virus, hacker, Trojan horse and other technologies makes the attack simpler, but for the protection of our network, we are faced with more and more problems. The old version of the course is very limited in this regard. CCNP was launched earlier. Although it is constantly changing the version. However, there are still some old technologies being taught. In fact, these technologies are basically not used in today’s network. After learning, students feel that the technology they can’t use is too old, unsuitable and a waste of time. For example, some access applications of modems. Therefore, the students have strong requirements and hope to learn some mainstream and useful technologies as much as possible. In this way, Cisco has compiled a new CCNP course according to the feedback of some students.

The emergence of new technologies has higher requirements for hardware devices. Cisco has launched ISR routers and some switching devices with higher performance. For these mainstream devices, some of the original courses are disconnected, and often new devices need to be completed through training. In view of this situation, there is also a need for the design of teaching materials.

From the above analysis of the equipment link, we can also see that the new textbook has made great changes in this regard to get closer to the current market environment. Through the study of the existing courses, we can access to the vast majority of technologies in the network, which is of great benefit to a comprehensive understanding of a network. Students are not only exposed to the traditional routing, switching and access technologies, but also to the new technologies in security, VPN, wireless, intelligent network, IP phone, voice and so on. Therefore, the advantages of the new version of CCNP course are great.spoto site