Awesome Android Secret Tips & Tricks

Screen Pinning

When you use screen pinning, you can share your phone with someone, so they can see something without being able to snoop around. If someone has been pinned to an app, they can only access that app. Your phone’s home screen or other features won’t be accessible to them. This is extremely helpful when scanning QR codes or rewards cards stored on your phone in restaurants or shops. You may need to enable the feature in your phone’s security settings for this to work. If you have trouble finding it, try looking for the pin. 

Long Press for Quick Access

You can sometimes quickly access some of the most popular features of some apps through an excellent shortcut. The long-press feature gives you quick access to youtube’s subscriptions, your camera, or the current items in your Amazon shopping cart if you’ve long-pressed any app. You can also read the latest mobile phone review on Cell Phone Time in which you can get the latest news about phones.

Be Bold on Whatsapp

You can make text bold on WhatsApp by adding an asterisk at the beginning and the end of the text instead of typing it in uppercase.

Offline Maps

Have you ever thought about saving maps to use offline? If you are in an area with poor signal, or if you want to avoid using data, you can do this. Using offline maps is simple; select your profile icon, then offline maps, and then zoom in or out to the desired area. Then, select download. You can navigate and get directions to any position within the map offline from this saved area.

Mute Ring Gesture

The fastest way to silence the ringing on your phone when your hands are on the screen is to place your palm on the screen when you’re in a meeting or don’t want to be disturbed. You can also mute the call without rejecting it by turning your phone over.

Toggle Recent Apps

You can easily switch between open apps by swiping through the recent apps button. Doubling-tap on the recently used app’s button will allow you to switch between the two most recently used apps automatically? This capability is useful when reading emails and messages on Telegram or WhatsApp. It is possible to switch between two tasks by double-tapping the recent apps button.

Go Dark on Youtube

Switching on dark mode may be useful if you watch a lot of YouTube videos on your phone. Choose the dark theme in the settings, general, and appearance. As well as looking cool, this saves battery power and is easier on the eyes by reducing eye strain.

Text Shortcuts

You frequently use text shortcuts. Yours most frequently used tip saves you so much time. You can easily set it up as well. To set up text shortcuts, go to your device’s settings. Look for shortcuts by searching for them in the settings. The new text shortcuts make text messaging much more efficient, especially if you frequently send similar messages.

Fix a Bad Signal

Your phone is having signal problems because it is not connected to the nearest tower. You can fix this by switching to airplane mode or flight mode and then switching it off once you’re done. You will now receive a strong signal from the closest cell tower.

Read Webpage Offline

If, for example, you know you will be traveling and won’t have access to an internet connection, but you would like to continue reading an article offline. A pdf can be saved online and read when the internet is unavailable. You will find the option to print the page when you reach it. You can then choose to save it as a pdf and then open it for downloading. Once the pdf has been opened, you can read your article anywhere, anytime, and without the need to access the internet. These tricks for your Android phone have been helpful to you, or at least some of them have been.

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