Although we may not realize it, each of us has an individual aura that is unique. Even if we do not consciously manifest this, there are several character colors that are similar to our personalities that may lead to playing online casino Philippines each of us in different ways. Let us identify the various colors of our aura.


Typical traits: enthusiastic, impulsive, team player, strong-willed, realistic.

The characteristics of red-colored individuals are known to be related to their physical reality. They are capable of recognizing their goals and desires, and they are known to be stubborn and purposeful. Their sociability is also a distinguishing attribute that people of this color are known to be passionate about.


Typical traits: fearless, sharp, detail-oriented, diligent. Their unique energy makes them magnetic.

People with an orange aura are known to be open to new experiences and opportunities, as well as capable of taking on risks and pursuing their goals. This type of person usually follows a hard-line approach and is determined to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, people with an orange aura are prone to making careless and irresponsible decisions and losing their concentration. Their unique energy makes them magnetic.


Typical traits: energetic, imaginative, easygoing, optimistic.

Positive and independent are the characteristics of people with yellow energy. They are known to be perfectionists and are capable of easily getting satisfied in every situation. Although people with this color may seem superficial or outlandish, they are actually very capable of handling situations with little effort.

Aside from being a great complement to your personality, having a yellow aura can also help you feel more positive and optimistic, as well as aid you to fill your day with optimism and positivity.


Typical traits: loyal, stimulating, nature-loving, quick-witted.

People who are passionate about helping others are known to manifest green as their color of healing. This is also the color of togetherness and bonding, which is often represented by individuals such as nurses and doctors.

Being associated with the heart chakra, green signifies an individual passionate about giving and helping others. This type of person is known to be very charitable and committed to giving back to the community. With all this, they often need to take a break from their activities and allow others to deal with their problems.


Typical traits: reflexive, wisdom, reliable, freethinker, peace-loving, devoted.

A blue personality is known to be clever and perceptive. This type of person is capable of handling situations with ease as well as extremely agile at communicating with others due to their intuitive abilities.

Unlike other people, people with blue personalities are not prone to experiencing problems with new acquaintances or connections as they are very open-minded. However, some people around them might find this trait too direct.


Typical traits: extroverted, romantic, intellectual, futuristic, charming.

The purple aura is associated with an idealistic and visionary personality. Individuals with this color are known to excel in various fields such as music and art. They are also passionate about helping others and are capable of handling situations with ease. Their humanitarian side can additionally lead them to positions in fields such as education, politics, philanthropy, and animal rights.


Typical traits: introverted, curious, gentle, modest, dreamer, bravery.

Contrary to popular belief, the term “indigo” is not meant only for children who are more likely to be highly sensitive and capable of reasoning properly, as well as open-minded and principled.