Any form of marketing that involves electronic devices can be said to be digital marketing. Digital channels are excellent platforms to promote your products and services through social media, SEO, email, and mobile applications.

Why does digital marketing matter?

The reasons are obvious. The amount of time people spend days on the internet has risen exponentially in the last 10 years. Yes, people are spending more time on their electronic devices, while billboard and print promotions continue to decline.

While billions of people worldwide go online, Long Island SEO company has become a must. You may have a local brick-and-mortar store that has good customers, and hence presume you need not worry about online marketing.

You are wrong. A good slice of the populace conducts local search via a mobile device and visit a store nearby. Why miss out on such traffic by not being online?

Most of the success stories we read relate to giant digital companies like Google and Facebook. We assume, and wrongly so, that newspapers are struggling.

It is true that advertisers have shifted most of their budget to the internet, with almost three-fourths of all print advertising dollars vanishing over the last 16 years.

Yet, something is happening that has created a transformation in the fortunes of newspapers. According to reports, digital subscription revenues are increasing year over year. 

How are they doing this in an era when media is finding it difficult to compete with digital disruptors?

Here are some strategies thriving newspapers are adopting. These tactics can also be applied by most businesses looking for a smooth road to successful digital transformation.

Focusing on subscriptions by leveraging data

It is a challenge to get readers to pay for digital content. To get a reader to subscribe, you must go the extra mile to leverage customer data. A good company offering SEO in Smithtown, NY, is a key to your success. They know how to manage the funnel – or get readers to the point where they subscribe.

The leadership focus on digital

In most cases, even when digital appears to be the future, a good slice of revenue still comes from legacy products and traditional distribution channels. This stresses the need for company leadership to put more focus on digital business than legacy business. A bold and long-term approach is required so that digital marketing strategies pay off.

There is no doubt that Long Island digital marketing services have the potential to ramp up your business slowly but surely, if not overnight. The services such companies offer in Smithtown, NY, are the reason some companies are regularly out of inventory and have a beeline of customers eager to buy their merchandise.

Choose an established digital service firm offering SEO near me with a long-standing record of success. With a wide range of services, they can consolidate your brand, get you leads, and increase your online visibility wherever it matters most.