A List Of Moments That Also Deserve A Cake Cutting!!!

We all are a part of a society where we have listed several occasions for the cake cutting. These days, celebrating a little victory without a delicious cake makes that moment tasteless. But we differentiate between those events, when to cut the cake, or when not. But, in my observation, there are a lot of occasions that are also praised. Why do we always cut the cake at birthdays, anniversaries, and other happy moments? Well!!! We can also bite these delicious cakes in other circumstances.

The recent World Happiness Report has shown that India ranked in 136th position, which is very low. We Indians live each moment happily, and then still, we are in low rank. It might be because, despite celebrating every moment, we laugh during some occasions. Other times, we suffer sadness and anxiety. So, this current report inspired me to write something about celebrating the dark side of human life. Let’s cheer to the lose, Order Red Velvet Cake Online, and turn these worst moments into the best moment.

So, I have prepared a list of several events that also be enjoyed with a delectable bite of cake.

  1. Failure

To begin with, failure, because people have demotivated the word ‘Failure’ so much that whenever someone suffers a little loss, they easily get triggered by depression. The favoritism society divided the world into winners and losers. Their attitude towards a person when they achieve something or during their struggle times is different. I know no one can easily do something in their life. They have to face failure and struggle huge times because God tests you and your efforts on those times. I learned a lot from my non-success period. Those inappropriate times turned me into an unstoppable person. These poor days break you so much that you don’t even want to eat something. And you guys thinking here, I’m suggesting you a cake cutting. Here, cake cutting is required to learn life’s biggest lesson, thank God for telling you who your real supporters are, and the most 1000 experiences make a person a perfectionist. 

  1. Win Over Mental Health Issues

I want to start this with the biggest example, who once suffered depression, and now she’s the Bosslady of Bollywood. None other than, yep!! She’s Deepika Padukone. There was a time in her professional and personal life when she suffered a loss. And now, look at her and her growth. When a chatty person becomes quiet, it means somewhere they are suffering from mental health problems. Educated people are aware of the mental health issues and their results, so they consult a therapist for help. But ‘What about the people unaware of this dangerous problem?’ India is a developing country, and there are more villages than cities. Maybe that is why people are unhappy because they don’t share their problem with anyone, people think they can find the solution to this problem on their own, but they suffer loss. Government should educate the public regarding these issues to work on them. And people who suffered in these dark times and got victory over them. Please celebrate your new life by cutting your favorite cake, enjoying music loudly, and doing whatever you want, man. Moreover you can send cake to UAE or other countries.

  1. Celebrate Self-Love

We are always ready to celebrate our people’s special moments, but we forget about ourselves in between. Indian parents and teachers taught us to give love and respect to others, but they never told us that ‘Self Love is also necessary.’ Doing something for yourself doesn’t make you selfish. Instead of explaining to people ‘Why did you do that?’ Proudly say!!! Yes, you did that, and you enjoyed that. Having me-time gives you immense peace. If nobody ordered a cake for your birthday, order it yourself. If nobody is ready to go with you to a movie, it’s okay to go alone. When you start loving yourself, man, you grow differently. That fire in your eyes and attitude in your behavior change your whole lifestyle. 

  1. Little Achievements

Some high-class people are so brandishing that they show their brands only. Middle-class kids know the happiness of small efforts and their results. So, brag about your little achievements with yummy cake, and specialize that day. You always do not need a huge amount of money for celebration; small achievements make colorful memories. Many adults say that ‘We want to go back to childhood.’ Because they know they were happy with little things in childhood, they don’t need so much for happiness.

  1. Men’s Day Celebration

Only a few people know that 19th November is marked for celebrating International Men’s Day. Everyone talks about women’s day, but no one talks about men and their achievements on this day. We also need to celebrate men’s day and thank them for their efforts. Men also suffer from an emotional breakdown and societal abuse. But, nobody talks about them because they are men, so they should be strong. But this is not true. Let’s change this society; you can order flowers, gifts, and tasty food for your men. Trust me, it will make them happier. To surprise them, you can also order online cake delivery in Canada, UK or other countries. 

  1. Break-Up

Western countries also organize break-up parties. Leaving a toxic relationship is your step towards self-growth. So, you should be happy about that and order your favorite food like cake for leaving that man who disrespects you every time. It’s not a loss, and it’s an achievement for your future. After marriage, if you both are thinking about divorce, it’s okay; you both need to respect each other’s decisions. And positively do move on. 

  1. First Salary

When I received my first salary, my parents went to a sweet shop and brought sweets to thank ‘God’ for this achievement. I think every Indian family does these kinds of things. So, celebrate these occasions also. You can also cut the cake, click pictures, and bring some precious presents for your family members. For a friend’s circle, you can arrange a small party. 

So, come to an end with this conclusion that your happiness and laughter are in your hand. You are the owner of your achievements and failure. So, celebrate these occasions. The winner is not the one who wins on the first try; the actual winner is the one who never gives up, try many times, and then changes the game with his efforts.

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