A kitchen knife is an everyday item But do we all know about it?

Kitchen knives
Kitchen knives

Not every user knows that the design of a knife is not only a blade and a handle. The anatomy of the product is much more complicated. And since manufacturers are experimenting with the manufacture of these parts, you should know them in order to read the characteristics with a full understanding of the issue.

Each knife consists of:

1. Bolster 

A thin steel strip between the handle and the heel of the knife. As a rule, it is an integral part of forged products. Helps balance the weight of the knife and keeps it from slipping out of your hand while cutting.

2. The butt

The butt is where the handle ends.

3. The cutting edge

The cutting edge is the very part of the blade with which we directly cut the products. In the common people,, still say “knife-edge”, although this is not entirely correct. The tip is another part of the design.

4. Handles 

 Everyone is familiar with it too. This is the safe part that we hold on to when we work.

5. The heel 

Is the blunt part of the blade that is closer to the handle. She makes the knife, as they say, more “grasping”. All because the heel can be additionally taken with the index finger without the risk of damage.

6. Butt 

located on the opposite side of the cutting edge. In cases where it is necessary to apply “all weight” for cutting, the chefs press on the butt with the second hand (especially important when cutting meat with bones).

7. The shank 

is an important part that affects the balance of the knife. She enters the handle. It is better to choose kitchen knives with a full shank.

8. Knife points 

Are the pointed tip of a knife that can be used to pierce food or make small incisions.

Why is one knife not enough in a 21st-century kitchen?

In the distant, distant times, one knife, perhaps, was enough for the cook. But this is more likely due to a lack of choice. Previously, metals and alloys suitable for creating a knife were not in abundance. Everything was obtained with great difficulty. Now we have the opportunity to sort through metal devices and even throw valuable resources into the trash after short use.

Modern production methods have made it possible to create specialized kitchen knives for cheese, vegetables, dough, and many other products. The material, blade bend, and other parameters of a sharp kitchen object make it possible to cut certain products as conveniently and quickly as possible.

An ordinary knife will not allow you to make the thinnest slices of cheese or fish. The blade with which you constantly cut meat will not be able to separate a slice of bread without first crumpling the crumb and crumbling the crust. 

It is important to understand that today there are specialized devices for certain tasks. And it is also important not to confuse the purpose of these products, so as not to throw them away later under the pretext of “poor quality”.

If you cook infrequently, buy at least a standard set of knives for the kitchen:

  • large chef’s knife;
  • the utility knife of medium size;

knife with a short blade for peeling vegetables and fruits.

You should also buy a can opener.

This small set will help you with basic kitchen chores: butchering a poultry or meat tenderloin, making a sandwich from bread and cheese, crumbling various vegetables and an egg into a salad.

If desired, the set of knives can be increased. However, this can be done indefinitely. There are a lot of varieties of blades. You can start by buying a slicer to create thin slices, a bread knife, or a boning knife.

For those who are interested in all existing varieties, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with them in more detail. And we remind you that you can buy a new knife or a set of kitchen knives at a nice price in the Valles.ru online store. 

Types of kitchen knives

There are many types of kitchen knives. From the word very. Among the habitual Russian people and the most in-demand in the kitchen are the following instances.

utility knife

The hostess often uses this device for the simplest actions. For example, peeling onions or slicing boiled sausages. The blade of a utility knife may have serrations. The length of the device is slightly longer than a special blade for cleaning. If the knife is new and its cutting edge has not yet become dull, the hostess can even create a beautiful fruit plate with it.

All in all, this is the perfect knife for everything. Unless, of course, he is sharp.

bread knife

This specimen has notches on the blade. The special design helps not to crush the bread when the blade is pressed and carefully cut the crust.

The main features of bread knives are offset handles that protect fingers from cuts and a total size of 25 to 35 cm.

kitchen ax

We can say that this is the largest blade in the kitchen. The product, as a rule, has a wide massive blade. Although you can buy sets with thin, light blades in knife stores.

The cleaver helps to cut large pieces of meat, and vegetables, and also crush onions so that it gives off-flavor to the future dish better.

chef’s knife

This blade is present in the kitchen of any restaurant. Therefore, the corresponding name was assigned to it. The tool is truly versatile and suitable for a huge list of tasks. The blade of the chef’s knife is wide, narrowed to the point. The size varies from 15 to 27 cm.

Food cleaning knives

These small knife sets help housewives in the following tasks: peeling and chopping vegetables/fruits, cutting shrimp, and slicing cheese.

A spear

From the name, it is clear that this kitchen knife is shaped like a spear. The upper and lower parts of the blades are curved vertically. This vegetable peeler is designed for smaller products. Larger food is easier to clean with larger knives so the process is not too tiring.


Again, the name matches the form. The edge of the blade is curved down, as a result of which it looks like a claw. With this kitchen knife, it is easy to peel apples and other round fruits/vegetables, as well as prepare vegetable side dishes.


In the kitchen set, the knife is distinguished by a flat, even blade, which narrows and rounds closer to the tip. The blade can quickly chop a lot of vegetables and fruits.

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