Designing your own personal socket 775 motherboards game “rig” is hot! It’s also a good idea to consider that PC gaming has made huge strides since the beginning of the century. New motherboards are equippes with technology years ahead of the early motherboards and provide gaming experiences that need to be experienced to be accepted as real.

We’ll describe the most recent characteristics in socket 775 motherboards so that you’re aware of what to look out for prior to purchasing. Anyone who is used to the old motherboard technology must be educated to make a purchase choice that’s more in line to the latest technology of motherboards.

For instance, you won’t choose to purchase a motherboard that has integrated graphics if your a top-of-the-line player who requires the kind of performance only a video card could offer. You’ll also be disappointed with the case of a motherboard that does not offer support for the most recent Skylake or Kaby Lake processors, if this is the only reason why you needed a new motherboard at all. It’s important to research your purchase of a motherboard prior to purchase is essential.

This is a useful guideline on integrated graphics. The majority of motherboards are equipped with integrated graphics, however there are some which do not. The reason is quite simple: Extremely avid gamers usually choose motherboards with no integrated graphics as they’re notoriously known to be notorious for “bogging down” system performance when video cards are used. Even if that integrated chipset hasn’t been employed, it’s still the capacity to draw resources from the system even when it’s not in use!

What should you look for in the Socket 775 Motherboard

Multi-Processor support best budget am3 motherboard technology is at an all-time high. We’ve now got support for the new generation of Intel and AMD processors, which have more than four processors, instead of just two. This means that we have 2X the capacity to process data compared to the previous CPU versions.

USB 3.0 – USB 3.0 permits speeds for data transfer of five Gb/s or more. The days of grueling USB waiting times are over!

IEEE 3194a “FireWire” – The upgraded 3194a FireWire offers additional enhancements over the earlier released FireWire 400.

Easy tuning and overclocking Overclocking on motherboards is now much more user-friendly, easy, and more simple than before. Actually, the majority of socket 775 motherboards are equipped with auto-tuning software, making the whole process simple and easy. Overclocking can boost overall performance by leaps and leaps.

Fan Control Multiple fans are wonderful however, consumers were always seeking ways to tune and control their fans more precisely the latest socket 775 technology allows us to accomplish this.

HDMI HDMI HDMI is the current industry standard for high definition videos and audio. The latest socket 775 motherboards are HDMI-equipped right from the box. Connecting your peripherals to the HD connection is as simple and simple as “plug and play.”

PCI Express x16 16-channel data processing has been replaced by PCI Express x8 for double the speed of transfer. Today, even PCI Express slots have zero problems keeping up with new processors that allow games to perform like never before!

8.1 Surround Sound Premium socket 775 board have support for configurations of speakers that comprise seven midranges/tweeters and one subwoofer. It’s an incredible price that users are choosing to use instead of standalone audio equipment that cost thousands!

Intelligent Energy Saving Features

When you thought motherboard makers couldn’t possibly add anything else, today we’ve come up with super-efficient energy-saving features that will help you avoid waste of electricity and save you money.

Instant boot/Instant Flash The time it takes to boot up a PC has been drastically reduced with the implementation of Instant Boot technologies. In both cases, Intel as well as AMD have modified the internal mechanics of the boot-up process, allowing quicker bootup times. This is due to the fact that they keep prior OS sessions by storing temporary memory in caches.

An individualized Gaming “Rig” Provides Years of Replay Value

With the latest socket 775 motherboards that are available, you can now install processors using Quad-Core technology. In essence, what was once a time that took one hour to complete, can now be done in a quarter of an hour. Cinematics appear on the screen, accompanied by millions of hues and the latest Quad-Core processors can crush gaming load easily.

There is also a rise in the quality of motherboard video cards and brand new video cards that surpass technology from years ago by 3x or more. Today, more gamers are embracing PC playing more than they ever have before! Gaming on PCs used to be only for geeks. However, easy overclocking has turned gaming into something that everyone can take pleasure in without spending a lot of money on expensive upgrades.

When you consider it, paying a little higher for a top-quality motherboard can make a lot of sense. Going out for a meal is around $50to $50 at a decent restaurant. A single baseball match could end out costing more than $100 when you factor in the cost of tickets and food at the stadium for a small crowd. Enjoying your time at home with PC gaming has turned into an extremely popular way to save money. Most people think is essential! Therefore, wouldn’t you make sense to invest in a motherboard that is able to run games with high resolution as they’re supposed to , and be able to do it correctly? We were thinking the same thing!

ASRock G41C-GS R2.0 – Features

Intel(r) Multi-Processor support supports FSB1333/1066/800/533 processors, as well

Intel(r) Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium(r) Dual Core/ Celeron(r) Penryn Quad-Core Yorkfield Dual Core Wolfdale processors. Fully supported Hyper-Threading Untied Overclocking Technology as well as EM64T CPU.

The Northbridge to the ASRock G41C-GS R 2.0 is an Intel(r) G41, while the Southbridge is an Intel(r) ICH7.

DDR3 1333 (OC) + DDR2 800 Support (OC) – Two support options for DDR3 1333(OC) and DDR2 800 RAM. Both are available separately, to provide up 8GB non-ECC unbuffered memory.

SATA II, and ATA100 — 4. SATA II 3GB/s plus 1 ATA100 (Support 2 IDE).

Graphics Graphics onboard come standard with Intel(r). This Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 features Pixel Shader 4.0, DirectX 10, and 1759MB dedicated memory. D-Sub enabled , with support for 2048×1536 at 75Hz resolution.

LAN PCIe Gigabit Ethernet

LAN PCIe Gigabit Ethernet LAN and Realtek RTL8111DL connections supply you with the latest Internet connectivity and speed. You’ll notice that, contrasted with older motherboards, gaming, browsing and downloading is more efficient.

Slots HTML0 Slots The slots available include 1 PCI EX16, 1 PCI EX1, and 2 normal PCI slots.

Ports Ports Four USB 2.0 ports 1 VGA port one RJ45 Ethernet port and 1 serial port.

EuP ready The motherboard can be fully integrated with EuP power supplies, so you will save money on electricity costs. The power consumption can be adjusted to as low as .5 milliwatts.

Full Support for the following devices: ASRock, XFast RAM, XFast the LAN as well as XFast USB Technologies.

Instant Boot and Instant Flash Instant Flash Boot times are significantly reduced with the advent of Instant Boot technology. When combined to Instant Flash (BIOS) it’s two punches of the latest technology to help you.

The OC DNA and ASRock’s OCT Tuner Overclocking is a big business for motherboards today. The ASRock G41C-GS 2.0 is equipped with the capability to boost speed by 143% speed increase!

Intelligent Energy Saver features This motherboard is equipped with Multi-Phase Load Technology. In the event of a significant processing load, all four power phases are active. 

Gigabyte Core 2 Quad/Intel P43/DDR2-1200/A&GbE/ATX Motherboard – Features

Intel Core 2 Multi-Core and Multi-Processor Support The Core 2 Quad from Gigabyte has support for dual-core as well as quad-core processors. The quad-core processors that are new similar to those of the Core 2 Extreme, are 45nm. They’re lighter and more efficient.

1600 Front-Side Bus at MHz

The front-side bus with a 1600 MHz speed of the GA P43-ES3G offers significant speed improvement over earlier motherboard models.

Dual-Channel DDR2 1200 RAM Support You will get the most recent DDR2 Support for RAM technology. Dual-channel DDR2 1200 is superior to single channel RAM with an eagle-like slide.

GIGABYTE On/Off Technology charging cellphones, Ipads, Ipods, MP3 players and everything else that is USB-based can be completed regardless of whether your computer is turned on or off because of the On/Off Charge Technology.

Gigabit Ethernet is Gigabit Ethernet is included offering you the most recent Internet technology. You can play until you’re satisfied without any annoyances of delay.

8-Channel HD Definition Audio 8 channels of high Definition audio provides you with the ability to enjoy more than 5.1 stereo sound, which was common in older motherboards. The ability to host an array of speakers is yours to control without the need to use special tools.

3X USB power Boost with the Power Boost technology that is included in the GIGABYTE GA-P43 ES3G, USB technology is undergoing the most remarkable transformation. USB ports can now make use of multiple power channels. When Power Boost activated, the USB switch into a direct connection with the processor, resulting in the fastest speed.

Five PCI slots 5 PCI slots provide ample room to expand. There are numerous third-party vendors of video cards, and sound cards, as well as an exciting assortment of brand new.  PCI peripherals based on PCI and explore!

Integrated High-Speed SATA 3GB/S 

SATA has seen some impressive leaps in its bandwidth capabilities also. 3GB/s can meet the needs of most people and more!

easy energy saver energy-saving features are popular on motherboards today and GIGABYTE offers a complete software suite of energy-saving settings that direct your motherboard to only provide the power you require. With GIGABYTE, power wastage is no longer a problem.

Dual BIOS – With a backup and primary BIOS, you are able to flash your primary BIOS with the number of BIOS versions you like, without the worry of causing harm to your system. When the BIOS that you are using is damags in any way. It changes to the backup bios so you can repair your system in a safe manner.