9 Things To Rember When Buying A Lighting Fixture For Your Home?

When it comes to planning, there are numerous factors to consider. You must consider your budget and timeline, but you must also consider the elements that distinguish your project. A quality interior lighting fixture in dubai is one of these elements, and you must ensure that the lighting you choose will: 

  • Increase the value of your home 
  • Enhance the world into a better place 
  • Complement your interior design 
  • Reduce your energy consumption and bills. 

While lighting may appear to most homeowners, It can truly work to increase the value of your home as a finishing touch or an afterthought. While also allowing you to live comfortably. So, to avoid bringing back a headache or a significant project, we’ve put together a list of lighting fixture dubai to help you purchase a Turkish chandelier or Moroccan lamp. 


A common misconception is that lamp wiring differs from country to country due to voltage differences. It isn’t. Wire conducts electricity regardless of whether it is 110 volts or 220 volts. There is nothing to be concerned about voltage differences if you use a bulb made in the United States (made for 110-volt use). 

Light Bulb Socket 

E26 (standard/medium) and E12 (candelabra/chandelier) are the most common bulb sockets in the United States. E27 and E14 bulb sockets are the European equivalents. You can use an E26 (US) bulb in an E27 bulb socket, so if you have a European E27 bulb socket, you can use an American E26 bulb with little difficulty. The more miniature E12 chandelier base bulbs, on the other hand, will not fit into an E14 bulb socket. Either get an adapter to convert E14 to E12 (widely available) or change the bulb socket. 


It is where you must exercise caution. Many lighting fixture Dubai have fragile gauge wire used in the wiring. A narrow wire gauge heats up quickly and poses a fire hazard, so this is not a minor issue. In the United States, we used 18 gauge wire about 1mm thick in lamps. The correct wire thickness (gauge) is determined by the amount of current drawn by the bulb; they are more significant than the amp load on the Wire. When it comes to traditional Turkish mosaic chandeliers with multiple bulbs, you must consider the rating of each strand and the rating of the line that connects individual strands inserted into the wall. 


Most people hang fixtures with a crossbar and a canopy in the United States. A 5″ diameter canopy covers most junction box holes in the ceiling. It is not the case in Dubai. Most of the time, you’ll only find a hook or a canopy that’s too small to cover the junction box. 


The cost of a mosaic globe depends on the glass quality, the grout, its construction, and the globe’s size. Here are some indicators that a world is of poor quality: When you run your hand over the world, look for glass pieces that jut out (indicating shoddy construction), grout (the white part between the glass) that easily scrapes off when you scratch it with your nail and is dusty (rather than pasty), and glass that appears dull when lit (as opposed to sparkly). 

The Room Dimensions 

If your home’s rooms are small and cluttered with furniture, it’s critical to ensure that your interior lighting is evenly distributed. Choose corner lamps and ceiling lights in such a small space to help spread light further and give the impression of more space. What about huge rooms? Picture lights and table lamps can help create a relaxing atmosphere. Larger rooms in your home feel less intimidating and cozier, allowing for a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Your Home Furnishings 

One of your lighting’s most essential functions is to complement your furniture selection. Depending on how your furniture feels and looks, here is a general guideline to follow: 

Dark Colored Furniture 

Dark furniture can make a space feel confining and claustrophobic. Bright ceiling lights will brighten the room. Ensure that the chandeliers or lampshades you choose allow light to pass through. 

Lightweight Furnishings 

If you prefer a lighter, more minimalist look, stylish pictures or wall lights are more directional and can help you draw attention to statement pieces of furniture. 

Natural Light Availability 

Interior Dubai lighting fixture must compensate for the lack of natural light in homes such as basement conversions or small city apartments. Instead of focusing on ceiling lights, choose wall lights, up lights, and table lamps to ensure that light reaches even the darkest corners of your space. 

Think about Picture Lights 

Picture lights are a good choice in a dark room because they can concentrate the light where you need it the most. Bathroom lights with a natural feel are available in en-suite bedrooms and bathrooms without windows; it’s much more flattering and welcoming when you wake up in the morning. 


These are only a few of the multiple helpful hints that may assist you in choosing the light fixtures for your Dubai home decor and creating a comfortable and inviting ambiance in every room. Hopefully, the details available here will help you build a beautiful home setting that you, your household, and visitors enjoy. 

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