7 Outrageous Ideas To Overcome Anxiety

Although it is a known fact that very few people on this earth are anxiety-free, this mental disorder can still leave us feeling isolated and overwhelmed with fear to the point of paralysis. Out of all the ways to deal with anxiety healthily, only some work for everybody.

You might have tried therapy, getting your omega-3 every day, and being outside more but if things are still not working out, consider trying something more outrageous to combat your anxiety issues. The following are seven outrageous ways to better deal with your anxiety to lead a peaceful life.

Try the current trending cannabinoid

Using a cannabis product to treat anxiety is an outrageous decision that some people opt for when desperate to ease their anxiousness. What is even more fantastic about CBD is that it is a non-intoxicating psychoactive. Unlike other cannabinoids, hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC cannot make you high, nor can it cause increased paranoia.

Invest in CBD oil or check out wholesale cbd flower collection and pair them with your daily supplements to manage your anxiety. Among its list of physical and mental benefits, researchers note how CBD can interact with a critical neurotransmitter in the body known as serotonin. The latter is referred to as the happy chemical because adequate serotonin levels lower the risk of anxiety.

Do something that terrifies you every day

When you have anxiety, the general conduct is to avoid the things that terrify you. However, if you want to do something drastic to beat anxiety, you must do things that scare you. If you have social anxiety, you must find the courage to put yourself out there more. Wherever you fear lies, start small but be consistent.

Tell people about it

You may think that admitting you have anxiety can make you seem weak in the eyes of those around you, but the opposite of this is true. Acknowledging your fear to people is a courageous act that can inspire others to do the same. It can be magical to watch as others around you admit their anxieties.

You might even be surprised at how ridiculous some of their fears sound. This might make you realize how unfounded and ridiculous your worries are and help you perceive your anxiety from a serener perspective.

Say goodbye to sugar

Going without sugar for one day feels impossible to some people, and often, these are the same people who suffer from persistent anxiety. Sugar-filled drinks and treats can fuel your anxiety. The body goes through a rollercoaster cycle of ups and downs because of your blood sugar levels. Stabilizing the sugar in your blood is critical to improving your mood and avoiding those highs and lows that can cause you to go into overdrive and suffer a panic attack.

Although it is a drastic measure, cutting sugar out of your diet can be a life-changing habit. Start by eliminating everything that contains sugar from your diet, including natural sugar found in fruit and honey. Adhere to this drastic measure for at least three months, and you will experience unbelievable results.

Raise your heart rate

Anxiety, especially panic attacks, make the body go into fight-or-flight mode. When your heart rate goes up, you sweat, and you feel dizzy. Rather than avoiding such symptoms, start experiencing them daily by raising your heart rate through a healthy habit. Working out can also make you sweat, and your heart rate goes up as you raise your adrenaline level. Do this often enough to burn your excess adrenaline through a healthy channel.

Do nothing

These days, few of us are capable of doing nothing (watching television does not count). Whatever life throws at us, we are compelled to be proactive, but sometimes doing nothing can be the most drastic approach. The next time you think you are having an anxiety attack, try to be still and observe what you are experiencing. Avoid judging the moment as being negative. Instead, watch it as you would follow passing traffic without reacting.

Accept it

If you can be still when an anxiety attack hits, you can also learn to accept your anxiety. Society tells us that we must combat, manage or beat anxiety through different habits. Although it is essential to deal with your anxiety, the first and most outrageous step is to accept that you have anxiety.

Avoid resisting your current emotions and thoughts. Moreover, stop insisting that you should not be feeling like so. Instead, accept that this is how you are feeling at this moment. Only when you reach acceptance and become still can you recognize what you need to lead a serene life with or without anxiety.

Mental health disorders are common, but they can make us feel like we are enduring a never-ending negative cycle. Anxiety may be causing you a great deal of sorrow. Still, if you take a moment to look at your mental health issues, you may realize that anxiety encourages you to slow down so you can see what the universe wants from you.


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