While most states are moving towards legalizing marijuana, it is still illegal at the federal level. It is easy to fail a drug test if they found you with that banned substance in your urine sample. For example, you can lose employment or miss an important event when your drug test contains marijuana.

The best news is that it is possible to pass a drug test using synthetic urine. Professional-grade synthetic urine has made it possible to enjoy smoking without repercussions. This fake urine smells and looks like the real thing, which is why you can use it to beat the drug tests.

Today, brands sell synthetic urine as a tool to pass a drug test. You can find quality synthetic urine on the internet at affordable prices.Please click here to find out u pass synthetic urine near you

Sometimes using another sample is the best way to beat a drug test. Urinator synthetic urine belt has been around for several years, helping people to hide the drug test. This synthetic urine kit has a reusable applicator. It comes with an automated heating system, allowing you to get the right temperature. It is a specialist in regulating the temperature of your synthetic urine.

While it is slightly expensive, this synthetic urine kit is reusable and comes with several vials of unmixed fake pee. Hence, you are assured of getting a bargain for the product. You will get detailed instructions on setting up the urine kit and mixing the powdered synthetic pee.

1.     Quick Luck

You can find synthetic urine from Quick luck belts for your drug test. The brand has a reputation in the synthetic urine industry for providing affordable fake pee in a convenient kit. They base the urine formula on years of research to ensure balanced PH and specific gravity.

Their product is 100% effective and reliable. It has all the elements associated with natural urine, such as urea, uric acid, and creatinine.

This unisex synthetic urine is free of toxins and biocide. It comes with a reliable heat source to provide the right temperature for your fake urine. However, the urine has a short lifespan, meaning you cannot stock it.

2.     Sub Solution

This is a unisex synthetic urine belt, meaning anyone can use it irrespective of their gender. If you want help in passing a drug test, consider this synthetic urine brand. Its fake pee emulates natural urine, making it more believable during the drug test.

Sub Solution is a newer version of Quick Luck containing similar characteristics. For example, it doesn’t have toxins and biocides, and it comes with 11 different chemical compounds. However, its urine differs from Quick Luck as it has fewer chemical markers. In addition, you will find this synthetic urine at lower prices than the other products. This urine comes with a heat activator formula but has a short shelf life.

3.     Monkey Whizz

Using a urine belt is a common way of dispensing synthetic pee. The belt is an affordable way of passing your drug test without breaking the bank. If you need a product that will help you pass a drug exam, consider Monkey Whizz’s synthetic urine belt. You can easily use the belt, thanks to the detailed instructions that accompany it.

This is a simple device with an elastic band to wrap around the waist during the drug test. You will place the synthetic urine inside the belt to dispense it. Monkey Whizz fake urine belt comes in different sizes to accommodate varying consumer preferences. It is also convenient to use with the ability to reuse multiple times.

4.     Clear Choice Incognito Belt

Incognito belt is one of the best synthetic urine belts on the market. If you are a regular marijuana smoker, you need quality synthetic urine to fool the drug tests. An Incognito belt is made for the heavy stoner. It is designed to emulate natural urine at 100% accuracy.

Synthetic urine has all the natural elements such as urea and uric acid to emulate the real pee. Its PH balance is perfect, and there is consistent gravity.

Some advantages of using the incognito belt synthetic urine are the balanced and specific gravity. It comes with a heat source to take care of the temperature. Also, you can hide the rubber tubing under the belt for easy delivery.

5.     Stash Undies

If you need a convenient and affordable way of beating drug tests, consider Stash Undies. It is specialized underwear for men and women containing pockets where you can store your synthetic urine. The belt provides a clever way to hind synthetic urine during a drug test.

This is one of the sexy thigh holsters on the market, designed to hide underneath your dress. It carries enough fake urine to satisfy any tester. The fake urine belt comes with a concealable design that allows storing the synthetic urine at the perfect temperature.

You can store and reuse this belt for long-term value. When you wear this concealable strap, it provides a comfortable experience. For example, the undies have an elastic band instead of a zipper. It comes in different sizes to suit varying consumer preferences.

6.     Quick Fix

This synthetic urine kit has a complex delivery system that provides realistic urination functions. However, it comes with detailed instructions that make it easy to set up and use. It has a whizzinator that functions as a makeshift penis to help deliver the fake pee.

The complete set of Quick Fix includes a temperature strip that ensures you get the right heat amount in the fake urine. There are also hand warmers that provide a heat source. It is undetectable and works with all kinds of drug tests. You can select various colors from black, brown, or white depending on your natural skin color.

Bottom line

Synthetic urine is an effective way of passing the urine drug test. If you are looking to purchase synthetic urine, you can consider several online shops. This article has described some of the best places to purchase synthetic urine for marijuana smokers. These are prominent brands selling their products online. However, you must be scrupulous during the purchase to avoid getting counterfeit.

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