6 Words for Future Real Estate Investment in Turkey!

Real Estate Investment in Turkey: useful information for investors. What you need to know before investment in Turkey real estate. Supporting the purchase of real estate in Turkey.

The Real Estate Investment in Turkey, potential investors ask. Many questions not only about choosing an apartment or house. But also about legal procedures and other details of real estate registration. It does not matter if you have bought a property for sale in Turkey or an off-plan property in Istanbul. Therefore, we remind you of six words that you will definitely find in your document and what you need to understand.

Tapu is a certificate of ownership

As a buyer, we assume that you have already chosen the house and agreed to the contract. In this case, the seller must provide the Tapu where the data will be provided.

  • Ownership and cadastral information.
  • The type of land under construction and its dimensions.
  • Ownership types: condominiums, timeshares, and facilities.
  • Price in local currency (official statement) – try this.
  • Ownership of goods for sale. Most may be land or residential or commercial real estate.
  • Land area to reach the new owner. This is usually related to the real estate sector.
  • The exact address includes the house, building, floor and apartment numbers.
  • Information about the previous owner and the right to repossess the property.

Information about the new owner

Registration materials that will help you find all the important documents in the office space. Previous owner purchase date and TAPU registration number. Stamped and signed by a trusted professional.

IPOTEK Mortgage and ICRA is a civilian operation.

Whenever you decide for Real Estate Investment in Turkey, you need to make sure that it is not prohibited. The best solution is to leave it to an expert real estate gent.

The differences between IPOTEK and ICRA are as follows. The imposition of the mortgage means that the customer did not pay the bank in the end. However, the ICRA is currently in effect with a court ruling. That is, property owed to the government.

ISKCON is a property confiscation document

ISKCON is an important document. It is a type of technical passport approved by the Building and Municipal Standards Act.

AIDAT is a real estate management payment

The next word that you will definitely look for when owning Real Estate Investment in Turkey is AIDAT. These are the utility bills. The size of the Eids depends on the housing project and the services provided. Water typically includes security fees, gardening, cleaning, pool cleaning, monthly electricity, water and gas fees. According to AIDAT, payments are required without delay. Because there are legal procedures in Turkey and the apartment will not be separated. From the service until 3 months after the unpaid payment.

IKAMET is a residence permit

Investment in Turkey real estate owners have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit called IKAMET in Turkey. Therefore, if you have a TAPU, you can apply for a residence permit immediately for up to two years. You can apply for a long-term residence permit and obtain citizenship after five years of life.

Help me choose a property in Turkey

Knowing the rules and regulations can protect you from fraud and transaction failure. For further protection. Real Estate Investment in Turkey recommends contacting a professional realtor to vacate the property. The company specializes in the selection of investment in Turkey real estate. Assists with the registration and translation of documents. And provides legal support and real estate certification. Contact us and get the best offer for your personal criteria!

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