Upon arriving at home, we all want to devour nothing more than a hot meal. And sometimes we forget that the meals we are stuffing in our stomach can be the cause of considerable trouble afterward. Many people fight with indigestion after consuming a heavy meal at night. Most of the time, the problem occurs because of a big dinner as we lay down after taking our meals. The change of position loses the effect of gravity on the food through our digestive system. As a result, we feel heartburn and disturbance in sleep during the nighttime. Sometimes we awake ourselves choking and coughing with indigestion.

The best option for people struggling with indigestion is consuming digestifs. Digestifs are after-meal drinks that can aid in digestion. Drinking these alcoholic beverages in small quantities can ease the discomfort you may feel after a heavy meal. There are many ready-made digestifs available inside the double door back bar fridge. You can also make the digestifs in your home if you are not a fan of ready-made drinks. Many people can confuse themselves between aperitifs and digestifs. Know that aperitifs are drinks that you can enjoy before consuming the meal to stimulate your appetite, while digestifs are the complete opposite of aperitifs.

Despite being similar in taste and aroma, digestifs and aperitifs are two completely different drinks with different purposes. You can find a long list of varieties of beverages that will fall into the category of digestifs. The distinctive quality of digestifs is that they are less sweet and higher in the amount of alcohol. You can enjoy digestifs before and between the meals, but the primary purpose is to drink them after having a big meal to prevent indigestion. In this blog, we are enlisting six recommended digestifs you can enjoy after eating a heavy dinner meal.

1.   Armagnac:

The first recommended digestif is a gifted drink you can enjoy on its own or mix to make cocktails. Armagnac is famous because of its strong and rich flavor. The combination of chocolate, dried fruits, and caramel is the one to remember. It is best to serve this drink at room temperature. You can enjoy Armagnac with sparkling water or soda.

2.   Grappa:

Grappa is probably the most famous after-meal drink you can enjoy. In addition to its delicious flavor, the best feature of grappa is the ability to soothe your stomach. It is a must to enjoy this drink if you visit any Italian restaurant. The mixture of pomace, seeds, and stem leftover from winemaking will create this beautiful drink.

3.   Cognac:

Cognac is another French drink that you can drink as a digestif. Cognac is one of the popular brandy spirits that relaxes your stomach and gives you a satisfying sensation. This drink has a fruit floral yet spicy aroma that makes this drink a distinctive digestif.

4.   Sambuca:

It is time to talk about the colorless Italian drink we often know as white Sambuca. The combination of green anise, star anise, elderflower, and sugar gives birth to this magical drink. Sambuca is often consumed after meals because it can settle the digestive tract. This drink is high in sugar quantity, so you need to pair something to neutralize the sweet flavor.

5.   Whiskey:

Everyone wants to enjoy a cold glass of whiskey to calm their nerves, but this delicious drink also has many health benefits. Whiskey has more alcohol content than wine and beer. That is why it can help stimulate enzymes in your stomach and help in breaking down the food. Hence, normally most of the people store the whisky in their storage refrigerator such as Interlevin SC381b.

6.   Coffee:

Coffee is one of the ideal options if you do not want to consume alcoholic drinks as a digestif. Studies show that drinking coffee can also help digest food items. In addition to coffee, teas like peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, ginger, and wintergreen can also work like digestifs.