5 Rules for Successful Road Trip in San Diego

On the southwest coast of the Pacific Ocean, there is San Diego. It is not far from the border with Mexico. It is an administrative center famous for its colorful landscapes, where desert and mountains lie along with many kilometers of Pacific coast beaches. History and modernity are intertwined there. Thus, the city remains an attractive place. How to travel on the indigenous roads with no problems? We will write about it below.

Prepare for the weather

When planning to visit certain places in California, you should pay attention to the weather forecast. That will facilitate the preparation for the trip. Therefore, before visiting any state, look for information about local peculiarities. For example, the mild Mediterranean climate and the absence of hurricanes are the main advantages of San Diego. Residents enjoy warm and sunny weather almost all year round. Beach lovers should visit the city from July to October. That time is the most favorable for water activities and sunbathing. However, you better take warm clothes because it may be cold in the evenings. In general, it is not very hot there. The air temperature in summer is very comfortable, about +26-28°C / 78-82°F. It goes down to +20°C / 68°F in wintertime.

Rent a car

It will be most convenient to use a rental car under 25. Besides, you will drive along the Pacific Ocean shores to LA or San Francisco. You can rent a car at the San Diego airport, and it is better if you make the best deal for you in advance. It is easy! Visit the website of the desired car supplier. You may read about the policy for young drivers, find out the details and choose the lowest price for the student car rental in San Diego online, directly from home. After arriving at the California International Airport, it is enough to settle all the issues on the spot, after which you can go on a trip.

Parking in San Diego

Curbs along San Diego roads make drivers happy with their different colors. That is a pleasant thing to see. But it requires more attention. Here are some gentle reminders about them.

  •  If the zone is red, this means that both parking and car stops are strictly prohibited. 
  • Near the yellow curb, you can quickly drop off or pick up passengers. Similar actions are allowed next to the white curb. 
  • Near the green curb, you can park and stop the vehicle. 
  • When you see the blue color, do not occupy a parking space intended for people with special needs unless you have the right. 

When parking a car, observe the boundaries of the restrictive lines. They also specify rules to perform. Careless parking can result in a hefty fine. Then, hitting the boundary line is punishable. 


Let us not forget about the parking price. The most expensive parking sites are in the city center. Away from there, in the suburbs, prices are much more affordable. Better devote some time to check all your options and save some time and money as a result.

Traffic Laws Peculiarities

Some points are slightly different from what most USA drivers follow daily. On San Diego roads, traffic lights for vehicle owners are located behind the intersection, not in front of it. 

The most intriguing feature is unregulated intersections, where the principle of priority applies. The driver who reached it earlier gets the advantage over the others. Good news! Here, you have the right to cross the double white lines road markings. You have permission if there are no problems with the oncoming traffic of cars. Likewise, you can drive to the territory of the nearest courtyard by crossing the solid line where you need that. Keep in mind that it is worth moving at a speed of no more than 35 mph in the territory of residential areas.

Fines for traffic violations

Each US state has its system of monetary penalties. When you use a vehicle from car rental in San Diego, pay all the checks as soon as you get to the closest bank. As well, some invoices may come via email. Do not make that wait to not increase mandatory payment to your vehicle supplier.

Talking on the phone on the roads of San Diego is only possible with a special headset. If the driver does not use the device, the car owner will pay approximately a $250 fine. Then, if the driver drives slower than the speed limit, this will result in $50-150. Crossing the road in front of a school bus is punishable too. Finally, the violation of parking rules leads to a fine of $50 to $70. Be attentive on the roads. Use Sat Nav, which can guide you on the unknown streets. Besides, you can double-check the road conditions on your route before driving to the next amusement park or museum. So you will be ready for some surprises.

We wish you to hit the roads in San Diego safe and sound! Have a great time on the road trip using our tips!

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