Every College or University student studies using various apps. Some apps are good for note-taking and others for expense calculations. Every university or college staff conveyed messages through these apps when online classes were introduced. Many other executions were completed using apps. But now, students are addicted to studying their stuff because these apps provide good help. The task taking hours to complete gets completed in a few minutes.

So apps are useful if you know the process of using them. This article will state the 5 Best Free Apps for College Students. You can use these apps to study well and complete your work on time. Every app has its performance. Some apps are made for one purpose, while others are made for multiple purposes. We’ll list every necessary app. These 5 apps will cover a whole student. A single student can do every work through these apps. So let’s start our article with the important announcement.

The important announcement is for teachers. These apps are also useful for teachers. A teacher’s work is different, but still, he can use these apps to complete his work quickly. That was our important announcement and now let us reveal the apps you can use for studies.

5 Best Free Apps For College Students

So these are the apps useful for studying and completing your work on time. Every app delivers outstanding results. It would be best to be confident enough to learn the usage process.

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Blackboard App
  3. CamScanner
  4. Chegg
  5. Word Hippo

These are the 5 apps you can use for studying. You will never need any other app, even in your university studies, because they have the highest potential. I have shared the apps, and now, let us review them to help you understand their work.

Google Calendar

Calendar is available on every smartphone, but Google Calendar has endless features. Google Calendar is useful for students and teachers. The best part about Google Calendar is its task writing feature. You can note down the tasks you will perform in the upcoming days. Suppose I am studying Math related questions and have to study science at 5:00 PM. I can set this number in Google Calendar. When I forget to study science, Google Calendar will remind me because its automatic voice generator software will speak at exactly 5:00 PM. This way, my task will not be missed, and I’ll complete the necessary work on time.

This example was the best fit for students. You can decide your monthly studying tasks using Google Calendar. Google Calendar’s interface is easy to understand. You don’t need to be experienced in Tech to explore Google Calendar’s stuff. Students who use smartphones for the first time can also easily use Google Calendar. That’s how powerful this Google Calendar is. You can track your necessary stuff.

Blackboard App

If your college or university delivers its lectures through courses, then Blackboard App must be installed because your online classes and courses are uploaded. Most universities and colleges in the US use this app to deliver lectures online. I have seen many colleges and universities recording different lectures and uploading them on Blackboard App. Every university staff asks their students to create an account on this app.

Later, they upload lectures so students can watch those videos and learn the necessary stuff. This app is used by almost every study institute. Its navigation is also user-friendly and easy. Students can easily explore this app and learn the lectures uploaded by the university staff. The best part about this app is its lecture storage. If you have missed any lecture, you can watch it later because Blackboard’s database stores that video file, which students can view later.


The 3rd app on our list is CamScanner. Students have to complete their assignments on time to attract extra numbers. You can lose numbers if you can’t complete and submit your assignment on time. People taking online classes can benefit from using CamScanner.

This app has some seriously powerful features no one can ever count on. The only feature I liked about CamScanner was its JPG to PDF conversion. Suppose I have written an assignment on a notebook page. Now converting that assignment to PDF will take time because I have to write the entire text on Microsoft Word or any other sheet. But when I have CamScanner on my smartphone, I’ll have to take a single picture through my smartphone’s camera.

Taking a single picture of that notebook page will copy the entire text and automatically convert it to PDF format. So this will save loads of time and effort. With a single click, your endless problems get resolved. So a big thanks from students to CamScanner’s development team. They have developed an outstanding app for students, which not only saves time but also saves you from the extra effort.


There are many questions whose answers can be found online, and Chegg is the only app to complete this work. If you don’t know any questions, you don’t need to message your teachers. Write that question on Chegg’s search bar, and you will automatically receive its answers from Chegg’s Editorial Team. Understanding and using Chegg is a bit difficult. It would be best to visit ATOZ APK to learn its usage process.

The only problem is that Chegg offers paid service, and you need to buy a premium subscription. Still, we’re providing an alternative solution for those who can’t afford to buy the subscription, so here is the solution to get Chegg answers for free. And this method is 100% working.

I’ve seen some websites providing the Chegg solutions to your Whatsapp ID, but to do that. You must install Whatsapp Plus APK on your phone and get infinite Chegg solutions.

Word Hippo

Word Hippo is the last app on our list for finding synonyms and thesaurus. You have to load your essay with some new words and synonyms. If you can’t load new words in essays, you’ll never achieve good scores because no teachers want to see the repeated words. We recommend Word Hippo for those students. This app will change the wording but provide students with the best thesaurus.

When you submit any essay to your teachers by compiling the words through Word Hippo, you’ll receive a lot of appreciation because Word Hippo delivers fantastic thesaurus. Not only appreciation, but you will also learn new words which will help in the future.

Final Words

So these were the 5 Best Free Apps for College Students. Using these apps professionally can help you learn endless new stuff. If you have any related questions, feel free to comment in our website’s comments section. We’ll respond well to your comments because we want our readers to learn new stuff by visiting our website.