Today, everyone knows that there can be no cool web application without an organic, thoughtful, attractive design. The design is a beautiful and shiny wrapper that beckons to find out what kind of candy is hidden under it. In a modern business that involves the visual, it is very important to be able to attract a client with design and appearance, this is what will remain in his memory, make him come back, choose your option, and possibly advise others about your business. And the more potential customers – the higher the possible profit. Any web resource is accompanied by a specific appearance of the user interface. With a limited financial budget, developing an online resource with a drag and drop website builder is a great idea. However, there are some minor downsides to consider as well. If you do not want to face a number of problems, then an individual solution to develop an architectural beautiful design and create it from scratch is the best decision you make. So, custom web application development is possible in an expert company, where professionals who have encountered Squarespace designers and the development of turnkey online resources work.

Why does custom design win on all criteria?

The development of online resources from scratch also implies that they will create some kind of spectacular, individual, original design for them. So, there are TOP-5 advantages of such a solution, including:

  1. The design of the site can be adapted to a specific brand. Everyone has long known that maintaining a specific style in web applications is not only competent, but also a fashionable trend. Thus, companies can demonstrate what unique products or services they are trading in today’s market, and also show their individual character. The power of design is welcomed when the style is not limited only to the selected specific template, but is complemented by different color schemes, creative icons with an unusual look, and other content that is truly unique.
  2. Customer optimized design. Since any online resource can be customized during creation, this opens up opportunities for brands to develop original design that will lead to business results related to user interaction. Actually, what does any business strive for? This is to have an optimal and convenient structure, an original appearance that would allow you to positively influence potential customers and involve them in making purchases. Before creating the architecture of an online resource, it is necessary to make a list of business goals. They will be able to give a clear idea of ​​the customer’s path to the service or product. Customer focus when creating a design should also be the goal in the first place.
  3. Increased search engine optimization. The point is that the site should be as convenient as possible to use. This means that it should contain not only a visually convenient structure, but also an intuitive interface. As one of the best solutions, you can implement a special search string. It will allow you to find a product or service by phrases, give you the opportunity to quickly go to a web page, place an order online. Of course, you should also worry about SEO separately. As experience shows, the introduction of special key phrases and words is the place to be for fast ranking in search engines. And to everything, the method is effective when there is a customer focus. Also, increased search engine optimization allows you to:
  • Register all metadata, tags, URLs, relevant phrases and words.
  • Implement an architectural plan for web pages that would open on large PCs, small phones, and other gadgets.
  • It would help to decide which of the pages should be “crawled” by search engines, and which of the web pages are still not designed for this.
  • Insert certain internal links that significantly improve interactions with the final target audiences (potential buyers).
  1. Ability to evolve in response to ongoing business changes. Naturally, the developed design provides the involvement of people, which means that if it is done individually, then most likely it involves the process of scaling the development. It is very important that IT professionals initially make the right design structure, create a competent roadmap for an online resource, implement additional options, add the right content in response to the changes that occur at the moment when the design development process is involved. It is known that something changes every day in the IT field, and if programmers are well versed in global digital innovations and trends, they can use their ingenuity and make a design at a high level. If you look at another option – templates, then they are constantly updated, so with a very small financial budget for the project, you should take care of a static template that is not too expensive.
  2. Maximum flexibility with hosting. If it was decided to make an individual online resource, then, of course, you will have to take care of control over hosting. And if the brand has its own specifics, then you will have to resort to choosing a high-quality hosting. But as for drag-and-drop builders, they do not have super flexibility, so for those brands that have some specifics, it is better to refuse constructors altogether. The benefits of hosting include:
  • A real opportunity to make the project bigger (to go beyond the “shared” hosting).
  • Take care of automatic backup of information (configure data storage).
  • Monitor two processes – identify the time spent on the uptime of an online resource and find out how productive the server is.
  • Optimization of CMS installation and configuration.
  • Integration processes with various digital technologies.
  • Easy development, deployment of intermediate environments.

In any case, a custom design can be inexpensive if a web developer uses inexpensive or even free interesting digital tools to create it.