4 Features You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Smart Thermostat

Over time, people have become more concerned about the way energy is consumed in their houses because, apart from the effect on the environment  increased energy consumption is leading to a spike in utility bills. And since the cooling and the heating system smart thermostat of the house is the major contributor to energy consumption, people have started looking for better options.

On the hunt for an ideal way to manage temperature control, people have finally found a solution in the form of smart thermostats. These new-age thermostats are being considered an ideal replacement for the programmable thermostat.

Although the programmable thermostat also offers energy-saving features, the ability of the smart thermostat to save on utility bills is much better than the programmable thermostats. This is mainly because of their ability to connect with the internet and powerful sensors.

But not all the smart thermostats on the market will offer you a similar level of comfort and energy saving ability, and this is why, in this blog post, we will look at some of the main features that you must check before buying a smart thermostat.

4 Features you should check before purchasing a  thermostat

You should check about the learning capability of the smart thermostat

One of the first features to look for while buying a smart thermostat is the ability of the thermostat to learn over time. And it is the learning feature that usually wins over the reluctant homeowners who are still unable to decide whether a thermostat is a good option for them.

The ability of the thermostats to learn from your preferences and pattern makes them one of the most popular Internet of Things (IoT) devices in smart homes. A smart thermostat is dependent upon its sensors for learning from your habits, and then it can make the required adjustments in the temperature to make sure that both your energy bills and comfort are kept on an even keel.

For example, a smart thermostat connected with the home WiFi can keep tabs on when you wake up, return from home, and go to bed. Then, it can keep changing the temperature throughout the day without any manual intervention.

Look for voice control and app feature in the smart thermostat

Another key feature to look for in a smart thermostat is an app and voice control. With the app, you can get mobile access to all the settings of your thermostat, and then you can program and control your thermostat from anywhere. Apart from this, you can even get real-time information about your HVAC system on your mobile phone.

You can also get alerts for abnormal temperature spikes or plummeting temperatures, as these are some of the most normal signs of issues in your HVAC system.

So, always choose a smart wireless thermostat with a dedicated app for your current smartphone. While most smart thermostats come with an Android or iOS app, it is necessary to make sure that the app you will get with the thermostat is compatible with the smartphone you are currently using.

Also, go with a smart thermostat that can work with your preferred smart home ecosystem, and it should also support the digital voice assistant you are currently using in your smart home. This way, you can just say, ‘Alexa, lower the room temperature by 2 degrees celsius, and the thermostat will make the required changes.

Checkout if the smart thermostat has a geofencing feature 

If you talk about the most cost-saving feature of a thermostat, then geofencing will surely top the list. If you have  model with geofencing, you can easily set a virtual border around your home.

When you cross the virtual border, it can trigger an action in the thermostat, like lowering the current temperature of the living room or increasing the temperature to make the room more comfortable.

The geofencing system relies on GPS, and it usually keeps tabs on your current location by using your smartphone. You can set a geofence just a few miles from your home and then enjoy the perks of automation offered by the smart device.

Look for a smart thermostat that comes with sensors 

Never miss checking whether the smart thermostat you are buying has powerful sensors or not. The ability of a smart thermostat to understand whether a room is occupied or not relies on the sensors. Therefore, the sensors used in a thermostat should be reliable and powerful.

The sensors also help the thermostat in learning from your behavior as, without the sensors, the thermostat will never know when you wake up, when you go to bed and when you come back from the office.


A smart thermostat is a good option to set a comfortable ambiance in your house while saving a lot of bucks you might spend on high electricity bills. But there are many things which you need to consider before purchasing one for your home. Make sure that you are buying from a reliable company. Also, check the basic features mentioned in this blog post, as without these features, a smart thermostat will be nothing else than the old thermostat that you have been using for many years.

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