Traveling can be inconvenient, especially if you have to pay for pricey phone services in foreign countries to communicate with your family. Imagine coming home from a long and exhausting business trip to discover a $1,000 phone bill in your inbox. BAM! The cost of a new laptop is EQUAL to your phone bill. The VoIP international calling apps are the hidden gem that allows you to keep in touch with your family at inexpensive rates.

1. VoIP is the trend of Future

We are sure you have heard the word VoIP before, but do you understand what it means? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that converts your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make calls from your smartphone through any mobile app.

1.1. Advantages of using the VoIP international calling apps

  • As far as international calls are concerned, the most significant benefit that an individual or an industry can gain is cost SAVING. A VoIP-based calling app will help you cut your calling bill by half compared to regular phone calling.
  • Aside from cost savings, one of the most significant advantages of VoIP technology is its accessibility. You can make calls in any corner of the world using a VoIP service.
  • High-quality calls are one of the most significant advantages of VoIP technology. VoIP uses a data or Wi-Fi connection rather than a phone line and delivers you more clear sound.

2. 4 Top affordable VoIP international calling apps to make international calls

According to our research, Slickcall is the best app for international calls since it has many useful features and affordable calling rates and can be used for personal and business purposes. However, many other calling apps are available that may be suited to your specific requirements.

Below, we’ve made a comparison between the calling rates of the top 4 affordable and  cheapest international calling app and described their features, so you can quickly evaluate which one is a reliable solution for your personal and business use.







Kenya Mobile 10¢ 12.2¢ 12¢ 16.09¢
  Landline 10¢ 17.8¢ 20¢ 15.9¢
Ghana Mobile 22¢ 24.1¢ 23¢ 25.0¢
  Landline 22¢ 24.1¢ 25¢ No service
France Mobile 3.8¢ 4.5¢ 9.5¢ 12.0¢
Landline 0.95¢ 10.1¢ 9.5¢ No service
Germany Mobile 2.85¢ 7.1¢ 15¢ 19.3¢
Landline 0.95¢


4.1¢ 1.9¢
Cuba Mobile 63.0¢


74. 1¢ 69.5¢ 79.9¢
Landline 63.0¢



74. 1¢ 69.5¢ 74.9¢


2.1. Slickcall

You shouldn’t have to pay extra money to phone a friend or attempt to check in with a relative you haven’t seen in a long time. Slickcall values its customers and wants you to be able to call anyone you want for as long as you want without worrying about how much the call will cost.

2.2. Just press “Invite a Friend” and receive a $5 free calling credit

When you invite your friends, you’ll get a $5 free calling credit!

They’ll give you a $5 free calling credit if you share the Slickcall app with your friends and family. How you can invite your friends? Simply launch the Slickcall app, navigate to “Account,” and press “Invite Friends.” Your account will be credited with a $5 free calling credit after your referred friend downloads the Slickcall app and makes a transaction. Here is the video link, “How to Invite a friend”?

2.3. Low Rates on every call

Slickcall offers low prices to customers all around the world. They ensure that people can communicate with one another regardless of how far apart they are.

2.4. For $10, you can make unlimited calls from the United States to over 18 countries.

Slickcall has recently launched its Global Unlimited plan. You can make calls to Argentina, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and many more for just $10 per month! Don’t waste any further time and DOWNLOAD the Slickcall app Now!

2.5. Keku

Keku is a calling app that also comes under the top 4 VoIP international calling apps and offers its service worldwide.  It offers an easy, reliable, and inexpensive way for people from all around the world to call on a landline and mobile number.

2.6. Rebtel

When it comes to international calling, call rates and quality are critical, and Rebtel excels in this area. Because it uses landlines instead of Wi-Fi, you can enjoy crystal clear audio no matter where you are. Aside from the obvious advantages of call quality, Rebtel provides a traditional phone service app that works well and is simple to use.

2.7. Yolla

Yolla is texting and calling app that allows you to make international calls and send text messages. Yolla has a range of international calling options to suit any budget or call requirements. All that is required of a caller is a reliable internet connection. Yolla provides crystal-clear voice quality, just like a landline.


After all the above-mentioned discussion, we can confidently say that Slickcall is the best-calling app among the top 4 VoIP international calling apps. This app has good calling features, competitive pricing in terms of plans and rates, and functionality for both personal and business use, so you can choose which is most relevant to you. DOWNLOAD the Slickcall app now and enjoy Happy Calling!