Starting college can be a scary and exciting experience. After all, you’re moving out of your parent’s house and into a college dorm. There are new people to meet, classes to attend and parties to enjoy.

It can be even more hectic if you’re about to move abroad for your studies. One of the biggest challenges that international students face has to do with storage space.

The thought of dragging all your belongings back and forth between your dorm and your parent’s house can be daunting. But you don’t have to worry anymore. You can now rent a storage space from the best storage companies in Phoenix to keep your things safe while you get that degree.

As a result, your college life will be less cluttered and stressful. This way you can focus more on your academics and social life. You have no idea of the effects a clean room can have on your life. So let’s explore more about how international students can benefit by using top self-storage companies.

Here are 4 Benefits of Using Self-Storage Companies for International Students 

Safety and Security

If you’re going abroad for your studies, the safety and security of your belongings should be your biggest concern. This is especially true when you have to go back home for the holidays. It is very easy for your things to get lost, misplaced or stolen while you’re not keeping an eye on them.

When you use the best self-storage companies, you can rest assured that your things will remain safe and sound. All you have to do is deposit them to your rented unit and retrieve them after you come back from home.

Plus you can travel with the assurance that your items are protected with the best security measures.

Clean Study Environment

Let’s admit it, nobody gets any work done in a cramped and cluttered room. And since dorm rooms are not the most spacious, the best solution is to rent a storage unit to store extra items.

It doesn’t matter if you own too many things. The largest self-storage companies in US offer storage units that can hold anything from small belongings to large vehicles.

By eliminating the clutter in your dorm room, you can focus better on your studies. A clean room can also help elevate your mental health to keep you active in your lectures.

Affordable and Flexible Storage Units

As an international student, saving your money is a big priority. You need to save where you can to ensure that you’re not broke before the end of the month.

Luckily, using self-storage in USA is extremely affordable. Plus you don’t have to worry about committing to long-term leases. The best self-storage companies offer short-term leases that home with great deals and discounts.

In addition, they also provide flexible storage solutions to meet any of your needs and requirements. Whether you need to store large luggage bags, seasonal items or books, you can definitely find the right storage unit.

Prepares You for the Big Move

One of the most difficult challenges that international students face after leaving college is settling down.

You may decide to live on your own or move back home. Either way, it is a smart move to start storing your belongings in storage companies Phoenix from now. It prepares you for when you finally have to go through your big move and start adulting.

Once you leave your dorm, you will struggle to find a secure space to store all your things for the time being. But depositing them in a storage unit beforehand can save you a ton of trouble. You can go apartment-hunting knowing that your belongings are all safe and sound in one of the top self-storage companies.

Self-Storage Tips for International Students to Save Money

Be organised 

Don’t just dump random items into the boxes. Your future self will be eternally grateful if you organise your things methodically. Plus the fewer boxes you need to transport, the better.

Get rid of unnecessary items

As an international student, you cannot afford to be overly sentimental with your belongings. Consider throwing, selling or donating things that are no longer of use. This way you can make more space and earn some money too.

Pack smart 

Free space is very limited in college. So it is crucial that you pack your boxes efficiently. You can try out different techniques to ensure that all your belongings fit into your rented unit.

Get your things insured 

If you’re storing valuable items like electronics, appliances or musical instruments, consider buying insurance. The best self-storage companies offer great security, but it doesn’t hurt to take precautions.


Using self-storage in USA is guaranteed to make your life as an international student ten times easier. As it is, you will already face challenges adjusting to your classes, schedules and roommates. So why allow the clutter to make you more stressed and unfocused?

Self-storage units are convenient, affordable and flexible. So think about these benefits and rent one to keep your personal belongings safe and secure.