3 Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

Golf Swing
Man Playing Golf on Beautiful Sunny Green Golf Course. Hitting Golf Ball down the Fairway from the Tee with Driver.

Now, you might be expecting to find the miracle cure here to stop that awful slice, stop topping the ball, or even outdrive your mates. Well you’ve come to the wrong place. You see, when we say improve your golf swing, we aren’t going to break down the mechanics and angles and put you in positions only Rory Mclroy is capable of. No, we are going to give you some simple tips, anyone can do, to make their golf better without the need to look at your swing.


The more variables of your swing you can keep consistent the less likely that you will go wrong. When playing golf one way to do this is using Castle Golf Tees. These Golf tees are stepped and so can only go in the ground so far. This means your golf ball is always at the same height every time you tee it up. Knowing that the golf ball is in the same place as when you hit that dead straight drive helps with confidence and that’s a big part of golf! If you can be sure that the club face will be in the exact same position as always then you can eliminate one more variable from your golf swing. Castle golf tees are great and you can find a selection of bamboo castle tees here.

Clean Clubs:

Another thing to consider is are your clubs clean? The grooves on a club face affect the spin on a golf ball. If these grooves are filled with dirt and grime then the less control you have over the flight of the ball. One thing all golfers should have with them is a golf towel. You will be using this multiple times per round and even in dry conditions dirt and sand can stick in the grooves creating a loss in performance. We would recommend this bamboo fiber towel.


A clean conscience clears the mind. Well, at least we think so. Are you still using plastic golf tees? Maybe changing your tee wont make a difference to your swing… but knowing you can use  bamboo golf tee and not worry if you lose it or break it, might just make you feel better about your swing! Bamboo golf tees are strong, sustainable, and grow really fast. Don’t take our word for it, take a look at these bamboo golf tees. So next time your playing perhaps the added confidence of a sustainable option might bring your game up a level!?

t is hard to provide tips that relate to the grip, because everyone feels comfortable holding onto the club in their own way. There are a variety of different grips used in the game, and many of them are capable of producing quality golf. However, there is one golf grip tip that can be applied across the board by every golfer, and it is the fact that the grip should be relaxed in order to promote club head speed and a clean strike. Many golfers squeeze onto the grip too tight as they swing, and those players lose power as a result.

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