Outdoor advertising has always been critical for small businesses. Small, local businesses with limited marketing resources frequently invest in billboard ads, posters, advertising flags, and other outdoor advertising tools. Why? Because just like strategic digital marketing, these advertising tools bring results.

According to a recent study, outdoor advertising is the most cost-effective “non-digital” advertising technique. Digital marketing is currently more effective and more popular than traditional outdoor advertising. But, it’s also very complicated. Small business owners with limited marketing resources and acumen can’t execute high-quality online ad strategies.

On the other hand, outdoor ads are simple, cost-effective, and come with guaranteed results. However, some outdoor ads are “business-friendlier” than others. Traditional outdoor advertising mediums like billboard ads are becoming more expensive every year. That’s why brands are turning to outdoor flags – another highly effective marketing tool.

What are Outdoor Advertising Flags?

Advertising flags are small (compared to billboard ads), portable, and customizable marketing tools. They come in different sizes – from 5-inch x 3-inch to 36-inch x 24-inch; buyers get many options. Irrespective of what size flag you pick, the costs of obtaining and customizing these flags are generally very low.

Companies that order advertising flags in bulk get even bigger discounts. That’s why flag ads are increasingly becoming regular features in local promotional campaigns. From motor vehicle repair shops to event grounds to restaurants and bars – savvy advertisers plant these flags in various locations.

Here are three reasons why these flags are better advertising tools than billboards –

  1. Costs

Billboard advertising is getting more expensive every year. One billboard ad can cost your brand up to $10,000 per month. In urban centers, these ads are even more expensive. Many small-scale businesses simply can’t afford to sign up for billboard ads. Just signing up to post a billboard ad in your local community will cost your business two grand.

On the other hand, advertising flags are very cheap. They’re also reusable. For the cost of executing a one-week billboard campaign, you can buy hundreds of custom-printed advertising flags. Reuse them every year, in various locations. Your brand will get way more exposure than it would with a temporary billboard ad.

  1. Target Multiple Locations

Marketing flags allow advertisers to reach out to multiple target audiences. These small, portable flags can be installed in various locations. As more people see the branded flags, the brand visibility grows sharply. Plus, you can specifically target certain locations with these branded flags.

You can use these flags for marketing your brand to audiences at promotional events, local sporting tournaments, and other locations. Your brand can secure thousands of impressions from relevant audiences via your flag ads.

  1. Easy to Create New Marketing Materials

Custom flags are very cheap. They’re ideal for promoting seasonal deals, offers, etc. Promoting a small-term brand offer or deal via billboard ads will cost your business a fortune. Paying so much for short-term promotional campaigns (e.g., Black Friday sale) doesn’t make sense. For such short-term, low-cost marketing campaigns, outdoor advertising flags are perfect.

Think beyond the billboard. Use advertising flags to drive brand awareness strategically and cost-effectively!