18 Tools to Create Training Video that Engage Learners

Whether you are an experienced or new teacher, your priority is to make learning seamless and engaging for your students. One of the proven methods for engaging learners is using training videos to disseminate knowledge.

So, instead of presenting a boring static presentation, you can create a video and animate your content to make it visually appealing. Thankfully, there are many tools that you can explore to create impactful videos that will engage your learners. In this article, we will look at 18 tools to create training videos that engage learners.

1.    Doratoon: The Best Training Video Maker

Doratoon is a popular online video maker used by professional teachers and executives. It is a powerful tool designed to take the stress off creating an engaging video off you by providing you with intuitive tools for creating videos.

With millions of templates, backgrounds, themes, sound effects, royalty-free stock footage, and images, you have everything to create a training video that will engage your learners.

Unique Features of Doratoon:

  • Millions of royalty-free templates, animation, stock footage, props, and backgrounds
  • Over 10,000 stock props
  • Over 1,000 animated characters and facial expressions
  • Over 10,000 2D and 3D background images

How to Use Doratoon to Create a Training Video

Step 1: Create a free Doratoon account on the official website.

Step 2: Select a preferred video template.

Step 3: Use the edit tool to customize your video.

Step 4: Preview and download your video. That is how easy it is to create training video designs with Doratoon.

2.    Powtoon

This is another great solution for producing training videos that are engaging in a classroom environment. Powtoon lets you create whiteboard animation videos, screen recordings, presentations, and branded characters easily.

You can choose from the hundreds of premade templates available on the platform or create your video template from scratch. Some of the features of Powtoon are:

  • A large library of pre-made templates for videos and animation
  • Customization tools for facial features, hairstyles, skin tones, and accessories
  • User-friendly interface

3.    Panopto

This is a full-featured software tool that lets you create videos in real-time and remotely. You can record videos and edit them to trim and split the content. Panopto also lets you manage video arrangement and supports live streaming. Some features of Panopto include:

  • A wide selection of multimedia elements
  • Supports platform integrations, including LMS and Zoom
  • A huge collection of video templates to choose from

4.    Wondershare Filmora

This is a sophisticated tool with over 800 effects and elements for videos. With Wondershare Filmora, you can easily upload content; add text, filters, and music. The tool also lets you control the narration speed and blends different videos. Here are the features of Wondershare Filmora:

  • A vast library of royalty-free media and videos
  • Hundreds of video and animation templates
  • Access to online screencasting tools for creating instructional videos

5.    Hippo Video

Hippo Video offers the perfect tool for creating training videos and online classroom environments in easy steps. It is easy to use and lets you personalize your training videos by adding callouts, graphs, tags, and emojis that will engage your learners. Features of Hippo Video include:

  • Dozens of thematic templates
  • Extensive range of editing toolset
  • Royalty-free images, sound, music, and backgrounds

6.    Camtasia

Camtasia offers a great platform to create engaging training videos. The software offers video editing and a screen recorder that lets you deliver your virtual lessons engagingly and interactively. You can explore different screen recording options and integrate interactive quizzes in your training video without stress. Its features include:

  • A large collection of templates to choose from
  • Several intuitive editing tools
  • Free-to-use scenes, backgrounds, music, and sound effect

7.    Animaker

This is an intuitive, user-friendly video maker that lets you create animated videos and characters without any special skills. It comes with customizable tools that let you create unique characters for your training video animation. If you want to create a video that explains a complex idea, Animaker is a great tool to use. Here are some of its features:

  • Offers scene transitions and pop-up effects
  • Supports the creation of whiteboard animations
  • Multi-camera recording possibilities

8.    Adobe After Effects

With over 60 million graphics and images to explore, you can make customized training videos for a series of courses and lectures. Adobe After Effects offers exceptional visual effects and motion graphics that deliver attention-grabbing video design. Some of its features include:

  • Over 60 million customizable graphics and images
  • Easy to create cinematic titles, characters, and animated logos
  • Extensive visual effects and motion graphics

9.    OpenShot

This is an open-source, free software tool that lets you create and edit training videos seamlessly. OpenShot lets you cut, trim, scale, resize and time-map your video while offering curve-based keyframe animations for animating your content. It offers a wide range of video effects and other design elements. Its features include:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • A large portfolio of editing tools
  • A wide variety of video effects

10.  Clipchamp

This is another impactful tool for creating training videos. It is free and lets you create unlimited training videos. Users have full access to basic editing tools and you can export your final videos in 480p output resolution. If you use personal footage, videos, and pictures, you can download your videos without any watermark. Here are some of the features of Clipchamp:

  • Extensive library templates
  • Intuitive video editing tools
  • Video compressor, video converter, and webcam recorder features

11.  Canva

This is a popular video-making tool known for its photo editing features and capabilities. You can easily create videos using any of the numerous templates available on the platform. Canvas gives you free access to a huge library of stock images, sound effects, and music to create engaging videos. Some of the features of Canva include:

  • Hundreds of customizable templates
  • A huge library of images, backgrounds, sound effects, and more
  • Easy-to-use editing tools

12.  Biteable

This is another online video maker for producing training videos and making social media videos. It offers an extensive library of video templates that you can choose from. Using the intuitive tools, you can edit the templates to customize your video. Features of Biteable include:

  • Access to an extensive library of stock videos, images, and video clips
  • Hundreds of video templates to explore
  • Easy-to-use editing and customization tools

13.  Promo

Promo is another great tool to create a training video seamlessly. The software offers access to a large library of royalty-free stock images, video clips, sound effects, and licensed songs. You will also find a huge collection of video templates that you can choose from. It is easy to use and customize. Some of the features of the Promo software include:

  • Hundreds of video templates covering different industries
  • Extensive toolsets for customizing video templates
  • A Huge library of licensed songs and video clips you can use

14.  Magisto

If you are looking for an easy and fast tool to create a training video, Magisto is a great option to consider. The software lets you create amazing videos in minutes. Even without any skills, you can use the simple editing tools available on the platform to create and edit your video without issue. Magisto uses AI, which means it is highly intuitive. Features of the software include:

  • The artificial intelligence editing process
  • A plethora of theme and soundtrack options
  • A vast library of templates for training videos

15.  Animoto

This is an easy-to-use video maker that offers users a decent collection of templates, a song library, and more. You can choose from over one hundred slideshows styles available. You can also upload personal videos and choose songs from the library. Animoto lets you create free videos of up to ten minutes. Here are some of its features:

  • Decent video templates and stock footage
  • Intuitive editing tools

16.  WeVideo

Here is another favorite video maker loved by many. It is a cloud-based tool with a plethora of features to offer. You can create a training video in a matter of minutes without any skills. WeVideo lets you create vertical and square videos, use green technology, and add motion, among others. Some of its features include:

  • Extensive library of templates
  • Features green screen technology and seasonal titles
  • Video speed alteration

17.  Kizoa

This is one of the simple tools out there that you can use to create video training designs that will engage your learners. While being simple, Kizoa offers sophisticated tools to make your video look professional. It comes with different ratio aspects and instant playback. You will also find sophisticated fonts, transitions, and premium assets. Kizoa’s features include:

  • Huge stock library
  • A wide variety of video formats
  • Seamless customization options

18. RenderForest

RenderForest is another well-known video maker that has ingrained itself in the hearts of its users. The software is highly impressive in terms of features and ease of use. You will find a vast library of templates that you can choose from to create your video. Select your favorite template and drag-and-drop the elements to customize your video. Features you can explore with RenderForest include:

  • An impressive library of templates and stock footage
  • Customizable themes and elements
  • Intuitive editing tools


There you have our top 18 tools perfect for creating training videos that engage learners. Some of these tools are entirely free. However, others require that you upgrade to a paid package to access their full features.

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