The world of marketing is becoming more competitive with every passing day as brands race to showcase their offerings in front of their customers. As marketing strategies evolve every day, video-based marketing has emerged as a powerful tool to convey brand messages. The best part about video-based advertisements is that they let brands personalise their marketing strategy and connect with potential customers.

However, the scope of video marketing is diverse. Unless you have a clear marketing strategy, you can lose your edge over other brands. On that note, here are ten marketing strategies that can prove to be successful in 2022.

Focus on Your Customer Persona

More than 60% of the online population watches online videos or streams content instead of watching television. Online videos give people a more personalised viewing experience than television ever could. So, every brand tries to leverage this trend.

Before making a strategy, envision who your target customer is. Consider the factors like their age, ethnicity, gender, lifestyle, etc. This will help you to draw their personality. Once you have a clear image of your ideal buyer, you can decide your product’s tone. Then work on the script and how to shoot, edit, and upload the video.

Convey Your Brand Image

Research states that 64% of the customers purchase something only after watching a video advertisement. Thus, as a marketer, you need to maintain consistency across all your videos. As a brand, always focus on conveying the right message to your customers.

Your brand image must contain your logo and tagline. Your promotional videos must also contain the same colour scheme and logo. If there is any change in branding, promote it accordingly across multiple platforms. Your customers must remain up to date with your branding updates.

Develop a Video Content Schedule

Consistency is the key to being successful in digital marketing. So, develop a schedule to post any promotional videos. Creating a video is more time-consuming than editing an image or writing a blog. So, plan accordingly to ensure you have enough time to edit and post your write my assignment content.

Once you make a plan, try to stick to it. Make a realistic target and try to create multiple videos so that you have more than one video in your hand. You may get busy with some urgent work or some unforeseen incidents. So, even if you do not get time to edit videos, you will have something to post in the meantime. Your brand will be more visible to your audience if you post regularly.

Plan Your Budget

As a marketer, you must focus on your customer needs and preferences and set your marketing goals accordingly. For example, an aged audience would connect with a brand that addresses their specific needs. On the other hand, if a brand targets mostly teenagers and students, you need to make a budget for youth icons, colourful messages, and the latest trends.

Diversify Your Videos

One-third of the customer’s online activities revolve around watching video content. So, brands need to make several promotional videos and diversify their video offerings. As a marketer, do not fear to experiment with different kinds of videos like DIY videos, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, and customer testimonial videos. The popularity of educational videos is ever-increasing. So, you can consider these strategies for your video marketing.

Chalk Out the Tasks

Once you have fixated on a strategy, break the marketing campaign into several small tasks. Making a video includes several small tasks like

  • Writing scripts
  • Video recording
  • Arranging the lights
  • Editing

You also need to upload the video. So, make a list of all these tasks and assign a deadline for each of them.

Plan the Filming & Video Publication

First, you need to identify the type of video content you want to create.

Then decide the topics and chalk out the outlines for the same.

Prepare a detailed itinerary of how you want to shoot and edit so that it does not deter you from the goal.

The video watching trend on mobile is increasing exponentially every year. So, come up with a plan where you want to publish the video and the tenure of the content.

Optimise Your Video

Another crucial step to ensure that your content reaches maximum people is making sure that it is optimised for search engines. If you are well aware of SEO keywords, use relevant keywords for your video content. Take professional help to identify such keywords if you lack adequate knowledge. These keywords are the most important factors to increase your brand’s visibility.

The audience doesn’t have a larger attention span. Usually, an audience prefers to watch video advertisements for between 2 and 4 minutes. Use close captioning in your videos so that the search engine recognises the video content and displays it only to an audience looking for similar content. According to marketing experts, since most people watch videos on their mobile screens, it is better to shoot videos in portrait mode.

Do Not Underestimate the Sound Effects

A video can have a better engagement rate if it visually and audibly appeals to customers. Unfortunately, many amateur video editors often underestimate the importance of sound in a video.

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Hire a good sound engineer or a foley artist to perfect your audio levels, foley effects, narration volume, and other technical details. It’s amazing how a simple ambient sound can change a quiet scene changing the whole appeal of the clip.

Prioritise Your Video Content Distribution Channel

Once the video content is ready, the next step is to get your target audience to watch it. Post the videos on popular video distribution channels like YouTube and Vimeo. You can also post it on your blog or website, depending on the video. Similarly, you can create a video about your brand journey and products and post it in your website’s ‘About’ section. If the video is a testimonial, it is better to post it in the ‘Customers’ Reviews’ section. Sharing promotional videos through email newsletters get higher click rates.

So, as a marketer, you need to prioritise your distribution channel to fulfil the client’s requirements.

Summing up:

As we have concluded, marketing is always evolving into various new methods, and video marketing is one of the hottest trends right now. From movies to getting essay help online, the internet has been a revelation to this generation. The increased exposure to the internet and mobile phones has allowed people from every nook and corner of the country to access video streaming channels and mediums. So, as a marketer, you must try to follow these ten expert tips to boost your marketing career in 2022.

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