10 Best ENFJ Anime Characters

Best ENFJ Anime Characters

This is for the new fans of animated Netflix shows, especially if you are looking out from your couch in bed to find some good anime characters. Here are the ten best ENFJ anime characters to give a lot of nightmares.

With a long history of being beautiful women, it has become increasingly difficult for female anime characters to rise! The most beautiful female ENFJ anime characters are not only very pretty but also have great abilities as well. It is hard to choose which one to watch in case of time constraints. So here are some ENFJ anime characters who are pretty and strong women on TV.

Sailor Moon (2017)

She has a pink body with golden skin. Not only that the character was designed so she looks like she is half-angel or half-human. Her beauty comes at the cost of her strength and power. What will be the cause of her death? I do not know that there is no answer to such questions but we can say what kind of person she is… I mean she has been a successful warrior who always wants to protect everyone and her father. But now, all the strength does not bring any results because of a disease called Mange-Lupus Syndrome which prevents her blood from working properly.

Jofu Baku

Another wonderful sailor who has been through a lot because of his shipwreck. With his crew of 20, they are trying to survive in the sea without water or food, and then the situation becomes worse as he meets new and more dangerous creatures and objects. Fortunately, he has a girlfriend who understands what he feels. First, he lost his wife and his children, so that’s why he looks for protection. Then, he finds her, she can be described as a mature girl with black braided curly hair and soft brown skin and she is also quite beautiful in real life.


From the previous list, this is another handsome boy who has a crush on another girl. Due to the loss of his mother, and his father died during childhood, his grandmother brings him into her home. He feels sorry for himself, but her aunt doesn’t want this poor kid to live in sorrow. However, once he sees Yuki on TV he realizes that he would love her just as much as before and is willing to change his mind and marry her despite her family.

Mirai Mizukumo

Another beautiful maiden who can solve problems like nobody else is Mirai Mizukumo, a fairy-hearted girl. She is only 15 years old, but already she knows a lot about the environment in Japan, and she is often called a “guru” of nature and a goddess of the rainforest. She is usually seen in a purple dress with golden apples hanging down from her neck. And she also has a magical healing touch. She lives in Tokyo, where people worship and respect her, they are scared of her, but all of them are too eager to please her. She is full of energy, confidence, and self-confidence.

All Might

All might ENFJ anime character loves to roam around his vision. His vision is to keep people around him happy and live peaceful life. He always thinks positively and is good at every decision he makes. No matter if he is terrified or in pain still, he manages to bring a smile to other people’s faces. In the end, he also manages to unite his country is one of the visions that come true. His character is considered the most powerful and inspiring trait of ENFJ.

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is selfless and always focuses on how to defend his sister from danger. He knew that his future is not so bright and he will face obstacles in every phase of life. Still, he manages to make his dream come true. His sister is a demon still he believes that nothing is impossible and he will find a cure that will change his sister from a demon into a human being. He makes the decision that brings good to others.


Emma is one of the loveliest ENFJ anime characters. She is selfless and confident. She has dreams that she wants to fulfill and nobody can stop her to accomplish her dream of rescuing orphans from the orphan house. She is a kind and caring lady who spread positivity through her actions. But if someone tries to harm her loved ones, she becomes violent and doesn’t tell anyone to harm them. She is friendly with others and gives the people around her a sense of purpose.


Iroh is an old ENFJ anime character. He is wise and comforting. He has many best qualities and is represented as one of the best ENFJ anime characters. He travels a lot and travels to different worlds. He flirts a lot during her travel. He can also read minds so he can easily interact with people. He also has a unique understanding of human motivation and therefore he can be the effective and best mentor in the series.

Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata is much like All might because his actions are similar to him. He is wise and generous and loves the people around him. He is quite friendly and people feel quite comforting while they are with him. His make aim is to work hard so he can help others. He wants to be a symbol of hope for the country he lives in. The best quality of his is that always gives priority to people and helps them find their unique abilities.

Maes Hughes

Maes Hughes is friendly and he ensures the safety of people around him. His self-esteem is quite high and sometimes he cannot tolerate No for an answer. His inner and outer self is quite opposite he might seem smiling all the time but inside he is quite mature just like a military officer. In the battle situation, he does not panic he is always calm and makes wise decisions always. His eyes are always on goal and do everything to protect his people.

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